> What is prospecting? In the simplest of definitions, it is the act of seeking out potential clients and customers who might be a good fit to work with you & your business.

>> Why is prospecting powerful? Prospecting is a tool that allows you to generate new leads and new business. New leads and new business create cash flow for you!

Here is a simple + actionable step-by-step plan to help you get started today:

  1. Make a list of prospects. Divide them into two groups. Group 1 is “warm” and Group 2 is “cold”. You will fill in the “warm” category with people who have met you before, who are familiar with your work, and who follow you on social media platforms + engage with your content. You will fill the “cold” category people who have never met you/heard of you before & they may also be people who are brand new to your audience or who have recently been introduced to you. Initially give yourself 20-30 minutes to write down names for each group (40-60 minutes total). Once these initial lists are complete give yourself a few days to brainstorm additional names and add them to your lists.
  2. Create two scripts, one for each group of prospects. For your “warm” list, the message could be a check-in message such as, “how is everything going with x-y-z since we last spoke/worked together?” For your “cold” list, the script will be an introduction message letting them know why you are reaching out, this is your opportunity to establish common ground with someone who has never met you before.
  3. Execute. Send your messages to everyone on your list. You can do this over a few days or take 1-2 days to send the messages out.

There are common pitfalls that coaches fall into when it comes to prospecting, so let’s make a plan to avoid them!

Many coaches fear being seen as “salesy” or desperate so they do not take sales actions. In this case, my question is this – Are your fears of being seen or perceived a certain way more important than having a successful + thriving coaching business?

If you are not making sales and not booking clients you will go out of business.

Neither of us wants that!

It is your responsibility to reach as many people as possible in order to fulfill that dream and through the act of prospecting, you are taking command of your dream to bring it into your reality!

Your beliefs around your services, your pricing, and your ideal client will govern how you approach your business. Becoming aware of your mindset and your beliefs is paramount because you can now accept responsibility for where you’ve been and move towards change.

Prospecting is a process that brings about tremendous growth. When you step forward in full confidence as a coach and begin reaching out + connecting with prospects AND opportunities something within you begins to grow and evolve.

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