Celia Faye Meisel

Are you ready for MORE Money, MORE Sales With Ease,

MORE Simplicity, MORE Sales Freedom & MORE Growth?

The 5-Step “MORE Method”


MORE Money. Immediately fix your sales calls, sales script, or offer value positioning to get more “YESES.” This can increase your sales conversion rate by 40% – 80%.


MORE Sales with Ease. Close the marketing and sales gaps that are keeping your business from getting more qualified buyers and more closed sales.


MORE Simplicity. Are sales are slipping through the cracks because of a lack in your sales systems and processes? We can simplify and optimize the efforts and success of your systems and sales team to give you more control and less stress to grow. Fixing your sales systems and processes alone can increase sales conversions by up to 12%.


MORE Sales Freedom. Remove yourself from the sales process and build your “Star” team, or train-up your team to increase conversions, hit BIGGER goals, and capture more sales revenue with every lead.


MORE Growth. Launch into higher and faster growth by expanding your sales team and support training.  Increase your webinar conversions, back of the room sales, or virtual events sales results. You will be ready and positioned for limitless growth.

Hi there, I’m Celia!

As a Strategic Sales Growth Consultant I help Entrepreneur CEOs like you fix sales problems that are leaking profits and draining your team.

In the pandemic & post-pandemic eras, Sales Teams I’ve trained, led and sold for have generated over $11.2 Million in high-end program sales. 

I know firsthand the complexities that today’s sales divisions struggle with: privacy restrictions, highly cautious & sensitive buyers, hard to manage sales reps, and a constant-evolving marketplace.

With my proven methodology, The More Method, I provide consulting and advisory services for industry leading Entrepreneur CEOs to fix the sales problems that drain profits and hinder growth.   

If you want to take a look at turning around your sales results, book a strategy call. On that call we’ll explore your unique sales problems and suggest some options to help.