Celia Faye Meisel, Virtual Event and Launch Expert

Are you ready for MORE Money, MORE Buzz, MORE Streamlined Systems,

MORE Sales With Ease & MORE Growth?

The 5-Step “MORE Method”


MORE Money. Level-up your Offer Positioning to increase sales inside of your launches and virtual events. This can increase your sales conversion rate by 43% – 80%.


MORE Buzz. Get more of your leads excited and eager to buy.


MORE Streamlined Systems. Lightning fast launches & virtual events that add more money to your business without exhaustion or burnout.


MORE Sales with Ease. Implement a full effective Sales System & Next-Level Sales Strategies that make sales easy while increasing sales by 100s of thousands of dollars.


MORE Growth. Supercharge your business and grow beyond $3 Million with more launches and virtual events without exhaustion or burnout for consistent predictable growth & long-term sustainability.

Hi there, I’m Celia!

I’m a Strategic Online Sales & Business Consultant + Virtual Event and Launch Scale Expert.

Sales Teams I’ve trained, led and sold for have generated over $11.1 Million in high-end program sales during launches and events. 

Business & entrepreneurship run through my veins. I’m a career entrepreneur and multi-generation businesswoman.

When I’m not working on or inside of a sales process, you can find me hiking Wisconsin’s Ice Age Trail, kayaking, or doing self development.