You’re here and I’m excited to see you!

Hi! My name is Celia Faye Meisel,


I am an Online Business Coach + Heart-Centered Sales Trainer for Coaches, Consultants, and Practitioners.

In today’s world, it’s far too easy to fall into complacency or overworking while under earning!

I will teach you leading-edge mindset & action strategies to become more focused with your sales efforts while offering programs and marketing your business in a way that reflects the real you.

Your ideal clients are ready to experience your work … now!


“Since working with Celia, I’ve had my highest grossing income month since becoming an entrepreneur 8 years ago.”

I’ve developed and launched a group coaching program, WHICH IS MY PURPOSE. I’ve created my annual renewal membership offer to my online training course. I’ve seen unseasonably high commission checks from both my direct sales businesses. I’ve emailed my list successfully selling 4 courses in about 18 hours! I have established great mindfulness, intention setting, and business based prayer routines.

Heather Lynn Barton Ziegler, Creator of BZ Living ™

I immediately filled half the places without any real promotion in my new higher tier programme.”

Working with Celia was a wonderful experience of a coach that really listens to you, supports you and can see the bigger picture of you and your business. Her insights and suggestions made a hugely positive difference in my feelings towards where I was struggling with my business and how to move forward.

On implementing her suggestions to restructure my offerings and create a new higher tier programme, I immediately filled half the places without any real promotion. Her recommendation to focus on the In-person retreat side of my business led me to receive collaborative opportunities with bookings already coming in.

Sally Claridge, of Channeling Love

I followed all the prompts and did the work and 3 hours later, signed a new high-end client!!! Thank you, Celia!”

I just wanted to say that I am in Celia’s program and she has this “Ideal Client Attraction Method” that she taught me, and knowing that I must connect into the energy of my ideal client, so I did what she said. 

Kory Cacciolfi, Spiritual Life Coach