Celia Faye Meisel

Sell, Simplify and Scale

with the “MORE Method” 


MORE Sales with Ease. Level-up your mindset, marketing and sales to get more qualified buyers and more closed deals.


MORE Money. Upgrade your sales scripts, sales calls, and sales communication to confidently lead more prospects to enthusiastic “YESES.” This can increase your sales conversion rate by 40-80%.


MORE Simplicity. Increase sales conversions by 12% or more. We can simplify and optimize the efforts and success of your systems and sales team to give you more control and less stress to grow. By improving your sales systems and processes you can win more sales and opportunities.


MORE Sales Freedom. Remove yourself from the sales process and build your “Star” team, or train-up your team to increase conversions, hit BIGGER goals, and capture more sales revenue with every lead.


MORE Growth. Launch into higher and faster growth by expanding your sales team and support training.  Increase your webinar conversions, back of the room sales, or virtual events sales results. You will be ready and positioned for limitless growth.

3 Things That Can Immediately Increase Your Sales Without More Ad Spend

Hi there, I’m Celia!

I partner with Visionary Entrepreneurs & Teams to solve expensive business challenges. Sales, marketing, client retention, systems and mindset coaching are my jam!

In the past few years I’ve supported over $12.8 Million in high-end program sales.

I’ve been in the “thick” of it with businesses from 6-figures to 8-figures.

I’ve been in the “thick” of it in sales too, having over 1,200 sales conversations!

Curious to know what I have seen?

This is an era of cautious buyers, personnel challenges and a constant-evolving marketplace.

It’s also a time of golden opportunity!

Authenticity, strategy, systems and a client-centric approach attracts dream clients.

Delivering real value and transformation with personalization multiplies your revenue from those clients.

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