Celia Faye Meisel

 It was the summer of 2022 …

I’m on a backpacking trip with my husband on a beautiful island in Wisconsin. 

We have a front row view of Lake Michigan.

The waves are crashing and the sky is a beautiful crisp blue.

I’ve just hit my highest income month ($28K). 

I’m so worried and anxious about my business that I can’t enjoy the beauty of my surroundings.

To be honest, this wasn’t the first time I couldn’t be present on a vacation.

But, there was something different this time.

A deep sense of guilt rose from within me.

Not being able to enjoy my surroundings conjured up emotional pain.

I wish I could tell you that I immediately saw the error in my ways and set a course to change.

That’s not what happened.

I went further into misalignment and disconnect from my true nature. 

It all changed when I started surrendering.

The advice and action that caused me to feel worried and anxious was no longer an energetic match.

I stopped pushing .

I started relaxing.

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Thanks for stopping by, I’m Celia

My heart goes out to all of the anxious and worried entrepreneurs who are trying to make a positive impact on others through ethical coaching and services. 

You are coachable. You show up. You put in the work. You follow-through.

But no matter how much money you make or accomplishments you achieve your happiness is fleeting.

I spent decades believing that earning more money was the key to my happiness.

Until I made more money, achieved big success, consulted for influencers … and felt lost.

This is what led me to see that the online industry focuses on outer-world, left-brain, logical approaches to business.

Those of us who are inner-world attuned lose ourselves in the outer-world.  

We crave emotional connection with our businesses: our clients, our programs, our sales & marketing … all of it.

Then, find ourselves marketed to using unethical practices that hook into our vulnerabilities.

The dark truth that I’ve discovered: Businesses that use these tactics don’t want us to transform.

They want us to stay stuck and dependent, wallet-opened for their next program.

Not because we want to and feel joyful about it … because we feel we need to

This very thing is what keeps many stuck and anxious in their business. 

Welcome to the world of Relaxed Sales and Marketing.