Hi! My Name is Celia Faye Meisel

It’s my mission to guide heart-centered entrepreneurs to hit their sales goals and reach for their dreams.

My clients come to me when they are:

  • Ready to stop spinning their wheels and get on track to set and accomplish all of their sales goals.
  • Betting on themselves by pursuing entrepreneurship full-time.
  • Looking for a trusted sales mentor and guide to help them level-up and feel at ease with the process.
  • Aware that it’s time to get support to get out of the income plateau and sales rut they’ve been in for years.

As a kid, I can recall the stress my mom endured when unexpected expenses came up.

She, and many others like her, didn’t know how to generate income outside of a 9-5 job. She was a smart and savvy businesswoman who was sought out by many for guidance and answers.

A University education helped her to gain confidence and climb the corporate ladder. There were always limitations around how far she could climb and the rate at which she could grow.

From a young age, I demonstrated entrepreneurial qualities and a sense of intuitiveness. My parents did what they could to give me entrepreneurial experiences.

There were parts of my personality that didn’t fit a picture of conventional living. As a result, I experienced years of emotional discomfort because I felt like I never fit in

Deep inside, I always had a sense of knowing that gave me hope to move forward and find my own unique path.

In my late-twenties I discovered that my entrepreneurial spirit was one of my gifts. For the first time in my life, I felt free.

In the fall of 2008, I started my first business.

My university education gave me the opportunity to move across the country.

With a master’s degree and heart-full of ambition, in 2008 I set out and started my first business

In a 5-year period, I filled my client practice, working with over 35 families per month. I picked up freelance work supporting organizations in the Greater Milwaukee Area. I also performed throughout each month as a jazz saxophonist and singer.

In 2013 everything changed. I started experiencing auto-immune related health challenges. It took about 90-days for me to start my healing journey. Once the journey began I knew that I could no longer keep up the pace I’d been operating at.

I started looking for a new career opportunity that would support my health and healing. Over the next 2 years, I went through a personal transformation. I opened a 2nd business that focused on the healing arts. Using sound therapy I worked with clients to restore peace and harmony in their lives. In working with these clients I began to see two patterns. One set of clients would come to me with the intention of balancing their relationships. Another set of clients came to me seeking balance and harmony to create business success.

Within the span of a few months, healing arts sessions evolved into business coaching. I started CeliaFayeMeisel.com in December of 2015. By June of 2016, I made my first $15,000 in coaching sales and closed my first 2 businesses to focus on my coaching clients.

When you start a business as an act of love for yourself and others you choose an unconventional path.

Starting a business and choosing entrepreneurship is unique in itself. Your business calls for support from people who recognize your heart-centered approach.
How you sell, how you communicate, and how you show up impacts how the pace of your business growth.
Your ideal buyers and clients are here in the world now, ready to invest with you.
Are you ready to help and support them?
We are here to give you the frameworks and sales tools to increase your income at an accelerated pace. Guiding you to connect with your ideal clients and reach your sales goals is our mission.
We want to support you in living your purpose.
We want to see you reach your destiny.

Professional Bio

Celia Faye Meisel is a Business Strategist & Sales Trainer. As a career entrepreneur, she has enrolled over 200 clients to work with her in a group format and 1-1.

She has supported her clients to celebrate milestones that include:
$15K in online launch profits. Going from $0-70K (cash) in one-year of business. Five-figure months in cash and sales. Making the shift from selling low-ticket single sessions to selling transformational high-ticket packages. Blasting through upper limits for group enrollment numbers. The launches of dozens of new service-based businesses.

Celia finds joy and meaning in developing & writing training content for her clients. She loves networking, meeting new people, and making heart-centered connections with fellow entrepreneurs.