The truth is that you are called into a leadership role that does not yet exist, to a framework that is still to be framed – how do you step into becoming your quantum self, expressing a new reality that inspires masses?

High Achievers are always looking for the leading edge, the slight shift that is going evolve good into great – striving for excellence, reaching for the top, and arriving is the natural progression for you. Then what?

It’s far too easy to fall into complacency or overworking.

How do you maintain your lead while living the life you are destined to live?

How do you excel while the people around you are not evolving at the same rapid speed as you are?


Well versed in traditional online marketing principles, sales, and advanced business energetics, my coaching programs are highly individualized and leading-edge. My proven track record speaks for itself in that my clients multiply their monthly gross revenue in 90-days or less.

I support my clients, from startups to established multi-6 & 7-figure business owners, to evolve, grow and/or scale profitable business models. My personal gift of understanding my clients’ Zone of Mastery is a guiding force that cuts through all resistance and gets straight to the heart of the next personal & professional level.

My coaching offers are curated, seasonal, personal, high-touch, and are rapidly results oriented.


My life hasn’t always been this way, though.

I spent 30+ years attempting to live other people’s dreams for my life. At my breaking point, I was sick & tired of needing to escape my reality. I had over-given to others, drained my own energy and boxed up my natural intuitive & psychic gifts. People thought I was happy because I knew how to put on a happy face. Deep down, I felt constant negativity.

From a not-so-ideal energetic state, I was able to run my own successful businesses. I created a profitable music lessons studio out of my home, was an in-demand freelance musician, and leader in my local industry. My energetic output into my business & clients was out of balance and I never felt satisfied with the income I was bringing in. This way of life led me to burnout when I experienced a sudden onset of health difficulties in 2013.

The health crash I experienced was so traumatic and life altering, I knew that I could never go back to the space that energetically created it. I began to seek healing and natural therapies to relieve chronic pain and symptoms. Naturally, I landed myself in the personal development industry and began asking myself questions about what my life could look like.

I had a natural desire to want to help others heal, to assist them with moving through major traumas and pain in the way that I had. When I opened my sound healing business I attracted a lot of individuals needing relationship healing, and that wasn’t really my jam. So I continued to test and experiment until the day it dawned on me that I was ready to become a business coach.

More than anything, I loved business. Running a business, attracting clients, growing the numbers, and positively impacting people’s lives. I buckled down and began expanding my toolkit by learning to read the Akashic Records while working with incredible business mentors to learn as much as I could about marketing, sales, funnels, opt-ins, webinars, Facebook live, content marketing, business models, and mindset. Balancing Soul and Strategy has always been an important focus of mine, and is an aspect I will carry with me always.


Now, let’s talk about you.

You have big dreams and desires for your life and business, some of your dreams are probably so big that they scare you!

You want to travel and live life on your terms.

I’ve created this business to support Achievers like you.

Whatever life is showing you that says you “can’t” have what you want… it’s not true. You can and will achieve your desired outcomes.

Thank you for stopping by. It is truly an honor to connect with you and I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful, long friendship!

You Are Unstoppable,

Celia Faye Meisel