Are you constantly seeking that gushy honeymoon feeling within your business?


Last week I was watching a periscope video with Zach Spuckler and the topic was something along the lines of “Is Periscope Dying?”  His main point in the video was that there are social media ebbs & flows, just like life, and when you hop on a new platform there is always excitement and a rush of new energy.  But, after a few weeks or months, this interest can fade away and leave you wondering “where are my followers?” or “why isn’t anyone commenting?”, etc.  Usually when these types of questions come up for a person, and reality sets in, most people loose interest in the platform they are working with.  Therefore, the Honeymoon has ended…  This is NOT a sign of conscious creation.  This IS a sign that you are falling into the victim role by thinking that you are at the will of “unseen forces” powered by the Universe.  You are your own Universe & those “unseen forces” are a reflection of your energetic capacity to attract & repel.

The concept of the “honeymoon” phase entered my consciousness as I thought about how this applies to running your own business.  Being an online or virtual entrepreneur has so many perks as well as challenges.  It is very easy for one to get so excited about the perks that when the challenges arise it feels like something has gone wrong.  No… nothing has gone wrong… this is the natural ebb and flow of business.  We are faced everyday with choice and consequence, followed by more choices & consequences.  If you allow yourself to fall prey to the shiny object of excitement & wonder you are never going to grow as a businessperson.

I’m being completely real with you here.


YOU have to be really, really crystal clear on what it is that you are creating with your business.  For a long time I focused on getting clients, and I did get them.  At that time I didn’t know there were other things I could be focusing on as well.  So, when the honeymoon phase ended for me, and I was no longer excited, I began to sabotage myself & my business.  This is where the trap of always wanting to “feel good” comes in… it no longer feels good, so what are you going to do? Stop what you are doing & discontinue making money or reinvent your purpose and try something new?


Here are a few of my top tips for “What to do when the honeymoon {with your business} is over:


  1. Keep going.  I know it sounds basic, right?  Here’s the thing, the most successful people in life do not give up.  They shift, evolve, expand and grow, but they don’t give up.
  2. Develop a strategy.  If you feel like your efforts are not producing the results you are looking for, build a strategy around the results you are seeking.  When you are in the place of doubt and lack you don’t want to create a non-strategy to attract more doubt lack & that is exactly what will happen.  Take some time & map it out.  What is working & what is not working?  Then apply this to your business.
  3. Establish your boundaries.  What are you giving for free & what are you charging for?  Has the honeymoon ended because you over-gave and you now feel depleted?
  4. Ask yourself how you need to change to make the situation work AND if the situation is worth changing for.  I see women, especially spiritual entrepreneurs, feeling like they’ve failed because they aren’t attracting in the clients & income they desire.  Every time they publicly admit their failures they come back with a brand-new business idea & offer some sort of free, no opt-in required, healing or clearing.  This activity perpetuates the problem because (a) your clients feel like you aren’t consistent with what you are offering.  it’s perfectly to refine your message or change your title but don’t “shut down” your business every time you feel that things aren’t going your way (b) you are sabotaging your business because something is obviously misaligned (c) how will potential clients pay for work with you when all you show up with are free offers?  (d) why are you always leading with your failures & announcing those, rather than leading with the successes or the paid offers?
  5.  You are you, be you.  The people who like you are going to stick with you through your growth and changes.  You have to give yourself the opportunity to build and grow your business through the long-haul.


To sum it all up, if you are constantly looking for the “honeymoon” you have some internal healing work that needs to be done — you create your honeymoon… it doesn’t appear on it’s own.  Falling out of excitement that the honeymoon is over allows you to become a victim of your own thoughts and process.  That is NOT conscious creation.

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Have you felt that honeymoon feeling in your business?  Were you able to overcome it?  Please leave a comment and share below!