YOU have the POWER to view your challenges as Opportunities.

The Galactic energy is HOT right now. Hot, Hot, Hot.
Many of you are feeling it.

Challenges, Bumps in the Road, Internal Energy feeling Wacky, Strange Weather.

What do you do?

You have 2 choices:
1) Feel threatened and get stuck – this suppresses the immune system, kicks on the old stories and “the hamster wheel” of doubt, as I like to call it.

2) Choose to see the challenge as an opportunity to grow. feel what you need to feel & don’t get mad for being mad. it happens, things happen, pressure happens. express gratitude for having an opportunity to grow and reach new heights.

You CAN have gratitude for getting mad because it shifts your perspective on WHY you are feeling what you are feeling… it takes you deeper into the energy of what is really causing frustration and that is one of the places where shifts & miracles are possible.

Repressing your emotions does not allow you to heal.

Call on your spiritual team, express what needs expressing and BE who you are.

Allow yourself the space to be Raw, Real, Vulnerable.

Right now, the energy is HOT. There is a lot of pressure boiling. Feel into it, feel into you & love you. You are perfect and whole just as you are, you don’t have to be anything for anyone else. You just need to be YOU for YOU.