This week I am bringing you some of my personal Manifesting Secrets! After an amazing vacation I took recently I realized that I had manifested numerous incredible experiences because of I had prepared for the trip.

My energy and excitement allowed me to connect with the things that I loved about the area I visited, to the point that even more unexpected positive experiences were attracted. My experience was so powerful that I knew I had to share this with my amazing community!

Let’s Dive Into the 3 Manifesting Secrets.

1) Align to what you enjoy and what makes you happy.  You may think that more money, clients, possessions, or a new relationship might make you happy­ that is a very generalized approach to manifesting. When there is something that you seek there is a related essence you desire to experience. It is important to go within and pinpoint exactly what those essences are. Think about how much you love what you do and how much you love yourself, the feelings that you draw up will cause your actions to be in alignment with your own loving energy, attracting all that you seek.

2) Connect with your desires and take intentional action. Manifesting is more than setting intentions, creating vision boards and doing daily affirmations. The other key to manifesting is taking intentional ACTION or action aligned to what makes you happy. Create a fun and joyful experience for yourself when you take new and different actions.

3) Allow yourself to receive. Once you begin aligning to what makes you happy, open yourself up to receive the joys that you seek. This is SO important because the Universe + Our Angels + Guides + Higher Self all work with very subtle energy and it takes practice to tune into these subtle energies. Once you tune-­in it becomes easier and easier to receive the little joys and celebrations. To support this process you can check out this blog post for more details on allowing abundance through gratitude.

All of these tips are interconnected and flow from one to another! Always check-­in with yourself and make sure the energy is flowing from your

Joyful Alignment ­­­­­­> Intentional Action­­­­­­> Openness to Receive.