When you are crystal clear with “what” you are selling “how” you are selling it and “who” you are selling to a new world of possibility opens up!

A lot of people get caught up on the technical aspects of sales, that they forget about the most important component —-> connecting with ideal buyers!

In late 2018 I developed an approach to offer development and sales strategy that revolutionized my business and my clients’ businesses.

I call it congruence coaching.

You could also call it optimizing to increase sales conversions.

This strategy works the best when I coach and mentor entrepreneurs who are already crystal clear on “who” they serve and “what” they are offering. We then work together to optimize the “how.”

Tweaking sales conversations, messaging, landing pages, content creation to drive sales, and more.

Currently we are accepting new clients into the Heart-Centered Sales Mentorship Circle. A 6-month high-level mentorship for established entrepreneurs who want to see a massive increase in their sales dollars this year (2x, 3x). If this is you, I invite you to click the link below. Head over to the application, complete it & press submit. My team and I will be in touch with next steps!