A high-level, 6-month training and mentorship community for serious Entrepreneurs who are ready to take action, get visible, and increase their sales.

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Meet Celia:

Celia Faye Meisel is a Business Strategist + Heart-Centered Sales Trainer. As a career entrepreneur, she has enrolled over 200 clients to work with her in a group format and 1-1.

She has supported her clients to celebrate milestones that include:
$15K in online launch profits. Going from $0-70K (cash) in one-year of business. Five-figure months in cash and sales. Making the shift from selling low-ticket single sessions to selling transformational high-ticket packages. Blasting through upper limits for group enrollment numbers. The launches of dozens of new service-based businesses.

Celia finds joy and meaning in developing & writing training content for her clients. She loves networking, meeting new people, and making heart-centered connections with fellow entrepreneurs.