Build a body of your original work, develop your ideas, and fill your online programs with ideal clients!

Creating high-quality content for your business is a strategy that you can use to fill your funnels, book strategy sessions with qualified buyers, and close more sales!

In this week’s video training I focus on two types of content for your business:

  1. Evergreen Content – this is content that is always in season for your business, regardless of what you’re promoting or selling at any given time. It educates your potential buyers to know what you stand for, the benefits of working together, and gives valuable tips that shift their perspective.
  2. Content that Fills Your Paid Programs – this a fantastic way to launch a new program or offering in your business. Develop a content sequence around the offer so that when you are promoting your offer you are giving value AND leading your prospects to take the next step.

Make a plan and establish your foundation, I recommend that evergreen marketing be delivered, at minimum, on a weekly basis for at least one year. Then you will have a lot of content to work with in future years to tweak and refine.

You can optimize your content so that it functions as a sales tool for your business. This educates your potential buyers on how to work with you or take the next step. You are also educating your buyers on the results and benefits of working with you.

A final note, remember that your content is a vehicle for you to express yourself while connecting with your potential buyers. You have a message and mission in your heart that only you can fulfill. It is your responsibility to show up and deliver with consistency and heart!

If you are ready for personalized guidance and support to develop your content and message that converts leads into buyers, click the link below and apply to join me in the Heart-Centered Sales Mentorship Circle today.