Listen to “How to Sell BIG Ticket Items with Celia Meisel” on Local First Podcast

You may not know this, but …

The truth is … I was a low ticket seller for many years.

When I got into 1-on-1 coaching, one of my early mentors taught me the ropes of high ticket selling. After that, I was in!

In this podcast episode I define the strategy of high ticket selling as a way of packaging your services, charging a higher price, and delivering a higher level experience and transformation to your ideal client.

When I got into high ticket selling, it felt natural to me, I just went for it. 

Has that been your experience?

Are you comfortable with high ticket selling?

In the world of high ticket selling, time does not equal money.

Rob, our host, asked a great question –

How do you change the perception in a high ticket seller’s mind to move from “I’m not worth the money. I could sell hundreds of these low ticket products in place of one high-ticket product?”

  1. Your personal, self worth, is not equal to the charge of the service, delivery, or product. Your actual worth is beyond measure, as a human. First, there’s a personal detachment that needs to happen.
  2. Once that detachment is made, you can focus on the value of what you are doing and what you are offering and delivering to your clients and customers.

In the remainder of the episode we talk about …

  • Fear is a source of opportunity and growth
  • Storytelling vs. Just the Facts, please
  • How has the selling process changed?
  • Strategy – Skill – Tactic

Thanks for tuning in! Leave a comment below and share your top-tips & takeaways from the episode.