Do you agree with this statement?⁣

⁣When you look at the entrepreneurial community you’re surrounded by, do you see people who are elevating you?⁣

⁣Do you see people who are challenging you to be better?⁣

Do you see people who are challenging you to do better?⁣

⁣Or, are you hanging around in a community of people who are coming to you for free advice?⁣

What I have found is that when you elevate yourself by choosing to align with higher-level people, people who are further along than you, you raise the bar for yourself.⁣

When you choose to hang around in your comfort zone there is no guarantee for growth.⁣

Two weeks ago I was conducting a Discovery Session with a woman and during that session I received so much value from our interaction. The language she used was different from what I’m used to hearing. She talked about books she’s read and strategies she’s using. ⁣

⁣She was just expressing who she is. She’s a professional.⁣

When you hang around with hobbyists, you aren’t going to step into the professional level.⁣

Seek out the pros. Pros who are accessible. Pros who you can hire, mentor with, and train with.⁣

⁣Follow them, step outside of your comfort zone.⁣

Expand your network & elevate your net worth!