To find the space where action & results intersect, you begin by looking at your thought quality, your actions, and the goals that you are going for.

Your thought quality should match the vibration of the goal you want to achieve. This helps your goal to move towards you.

If you find yourself worried, stressed, and fearful you will begin to repel your goal, rather than drawing it closer to you.

If you’re positive, joyful, and excited about accomplishing your goal, you will draw it closer to you.

The choice is yours.

How you take action and move towards your goal, determines the quality of the result and the speed at which your goal accomplished.

Action & thought are 2-sides of a unified coin.

Action alone is not the determining factor that leads you to accomplishing your goal. 

At the same time, thinking alone will not accomplish your goal either.

I often meet clients who fall into two camps, they are all action and no congruence or they are all congruence and no action.

This winning framework is truly the place where action & results intersect.

If you find yourself struggling with this very thing, please reach out to me. You can book a pitch-free 15-minute call and we will look at your action/results formula so that you can get on the road to accomplishing your goals much more quickly.