At an entrepreneurial sales & business training event in May of 2019, I heard a multiple 7-figure entrepreneur share his story about a secret he discovered to close more sales.

The story stood out in my mind because for years there was something about my approach to selling that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Selling and closing sales has always come naturally to me. Over time, I have found myself wanting to sell in different ways. This desire has led me to explore new approaches with my sales strategy, my sales skill, and my tactical approach to selling. Yet, with the changing evolution of time, this one element always remains constant.

Back to the story. As it was shared to our group, the man was writing jingles and pitching his services to different businesses, looking for opportunities. He got in front of one high-profile prospective client, someone whose picture was across the city on billboards, flyers, and print ads. The high-profile client hired him on the spot. He couldn’t figure out why. He’d heard “no” from much smaller players around town. He asked, “why did you hire me?” The man said, “because of your passion and enthusiasm. I want THAT from the people who work with me in my business.”

Let’s take a look at this for a moment.

Are you showing up with passion, with enthusiasm, with excitement for your business and for the current and prospective clients you GET TO work with?

So often it’s easy to focus on things that drain your enthusiasm and excitement.

Worrying about “likes,” comments, and followers. These are vanity metrics and they do not determine an end result of dollars earned.

When a prospect joins you for a sales conversation to explore the transformations, that is powerful. That is a metric worth measuring. It also leads to asking for the sale and new business gained.

If you’re looking for more prospective clients to get excited about your work, my questions for you are:

How often are you reaching out to those prospective clients?

How often are you getting on video to talk about your work and the transformations you deliver to clients?

Excitement and enthusiasm can’t be measured, they can be seen in your facial expressions and body language, heard in the tone of your voice, and felt in your excitement.

To get excited: 
Think about all of the people in the world that you can help.
Think about all of the people that are looking for the transformations you deliver.
Think about how much better the world becomes as a result of your contribution.

Are you ready to sell more of your high-ticket programs, products and services while scaling your business with ease?