There are many methods you can use to grow and scale your business. The choices seem endless.

Today I’m showing you my streamlined process of linking your back-end strategy with your front end messaging to make high-ticket sales.

First, let’s dive into the essentials.

4 Essentials to Grow & Scale Your Business 

  1. Clarity on your business model.
  2. An exact result you’re going for (your goal).
  3. A package, clear pricing, and a targeted ideal client.
  4. A message that LANDs your ideas and clearly communicates with your audience so that ideal buyers can “raise their hand” to work with you.

 To grow and scale successfully you do not have to offer smaller, lower-priced items in order for buyers to purchase higher-ticket items from you. You CAN do that. It’s an option, not a requirement for selling high-ticket offers.

If you plan to have a value ladder in place it requires: 

  1. Strategy – on each rung of the ladder know what you’re selling + the problem it solves, who you are selling to + the problem you are solving, and how you’ll make the sale.
  2. Infrastructure to execute your strategy. 
  3. Technology that works – online shopping cart, a way to deliver the paid product, email sequences.

In order for you to sell high-ticket, none of these components are required.

Again, you CAN have a value ladder of paid low-ticket offerings that leads to your high-ticket program. To sell high-ticket offers, selling low-ticket first is not a requirement.

Here’s the strategy I recommend: 

  1. Develop your message so that it speaks to your ideal (paying) client & promotes the value & transformations you deliver in your paid offerings.
  2. With your promotional messages invite prospects to your free product demo, webinar, strategy session, or opt-in freebie.

 It’s a very simple & streamlined approach that WORKS.

 If you struggle with utilizing technology this is the best place to start. 

 If you are more techie, when you start adding the bells and whistles make sure that each step is converting before you build the next one. Many people make the mistake of building new stuff and not optimizing what they have to convert. This costs you thousands of dollars of value in lost time and energy. 

 With my high-ticket selling process: 

  1. Your message leads to your strategy session, 
  2. Your strategy session is where you pitch your paid offer (when the prospect is a fit)

 Are you ready for high-level support to skyrocket your sales?