When I sort through all of the sales training audios & courses on the market today, the majority of the content speaks to people who aren’t like you and I. Heart-centered, empathizing, caring, selling soft skills in the form of high-ticket offers. 

There is an entire world of untapped information for people like you who are here to do good in the world and selling is one of the many ways that you do that.

Let’s dive into these skills!

Intuition – It’s not just reserved for psychics and healers! It’s available for you to use also. In addition to developing your sales skill, developing your sales intuition will serve you well. Sometimes you get a “message” to reach out to a person, or you “see” how a potential client could make a subtle shift to improve their results, so you reach out. Most people don’t listen to their intuition or even trust theirs. The only way to trust is to begin taking action on the nudges.

Awareness – To be great at selling, focus your awareness on 3 main things: 

  1. The main problem your ideal client is AWARE that they have, 
  2. awareness of your ability to help them solve that problem, 
  3. Awareness of the process(es) you utilize to help them solve the problem.

Ask Great Questions

Asking great questions helps you to get a clear picture of what is going on with a prospective client & helps you to uncover what they would like to have in their life instead. 

Asking great questions will also help you to uncover whether or not someone is a fit for your product or service.


To get the full result of asking great questions, it’s important to be a good listener (rather than a talker) during your sales conversations. That way, you can take great notes and use those notes to paint a picture.

Paint a picture

In painting a picture, you take all of the answers and information you receive from your ideal client and using your understanding & your words, you paint a picture of where their life is now and where it could be down the road with your help and support.