What to Do When You Find Yourself Repelling Clients –

A Simple 3 Step Process to Start Gaining Momentum and Stop Repelling Your Dreams

Have you found yourself in this position before?

You have an offer, it’s really good (you think), you put it out there to the channels, and no one responds. Perhaps you put it out there once, twice, or more and nothing comes back.

You probably wonder if you’re meant to be an entrepreneur or if you’ll ever reach the next level, even though deep within you know it is inside of you; otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to “see” it.

If you’ve been in business for any length of time you’ve had similar experiences and can relate.

I recall creating 2 packages in a row that I could not sell, I thought maybe it was the pricing, or maybe there were other issues within me. The real issue was that the offer wasn’t a true representation of my gifts.

Now, let’s have a look at the 3 Step Process to Start Gaining Momentum and Stop Repelling Your Dreams so that you can start turning things around.

  1. Simplify

Most likely you are complicating your offer with too many “bells and whistles.”

When you go out for a meal, and you want the main dish, nothing else, but the waiter brings out 2 appetizers, drinks, dessert, and additional side dishes.

Essentially your offer could be overcrowding the plate of your ideal client, energetically he or she just can’t absorb what you are offering.

If you are overcomplicating, you are also overcompensating.

This puts out an “I’m not enough” frequency which is not in tune with the Divine Abundance frequency that you are telling everyone that you seek.

  1. Embody Your Offer

If you are trying to get clients through a methodology or practice that you have not mastered or refined yourself, at a price point that you have never invested in yourself, you are going to have difficulty attracting buyers for your program.

If you are a healer or coach and you are scattered with many business models, many action steps, many modalities, but you aren’t whole yourself, and your internal life is a mess, you are going to have difficulty attracting buyers for your program.

When you embody your offer, you do not get fixated on unrealistic goals for yourself and others. You know that we live on this giant sphere of a planet with many beings, that there are intense energies, and a wide range of emotions that are flowing through, but you do not get caught up in this because this is not Source.

You focus on your service, your healing work, your transformations, and most importantly connection to the coherence of mother earth. From this space, all worries disappear, and you are embodying Unity. A place from which true miracles manifest.

  1. Set Your Pricing to Match the Energetic Frequency that You Embody

This concept might be advanced for some who are not aware of the power of energy and magnetism.

There is a ratio that you can apply to your pricing to uncover your frequency: Embodiment + Internal Dialogue/Self-Worth = Price Frequency

If you are talking horribly to yourself, not healing the DNA ancestral traumas, not healing the present life traumas, and not resolving difficult relationship situations, you are going to feel extremely unworthy to go for your dreams.

If you are actively healing yourself every day, staying 100% committed to solutions rather than harsh judgment of yourself and others, you are going to feel extremely WORTHY of your dreams.

To conclude, living in this duality can be intense, especially for the spiritually awakened and energetically in-tune.

We are in this together, if you are ready to find wholeness and empowered community in a Sacred Sanctuary with similar Souls.

 If you’d like to refine your clinet attraction process and grow your business, apply for a consultation.