When you make a choice to unleash the Divine Creation energy that lives within you, something magical happens!

All Divinely aligned creations energize you, and they energize those who experience your creations.

Divine Creation energy is revitalizing and regenerating.

If you are feeling drained by the creative process, if you are sabotaging your creative process, check-in to see where your inspiration/motivation is coming from.

Divine Creations will be:

(1) Created to fulfill your inner purpose & inner need for creativity, or

(2) Created to help others.

If you create to help others without fulfilling your own inner purpose first, there will be a void, and fulfillment will not be obtained.

You must first focus on your Self, fulfilling your inner desire and fire, and as fulfillment is obtained, you then create to help others and achieve maximum impact!

A very simple change of approach can bring a level of fulfillment, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before!