Believe in Yourself!Many lessons have been coming in over the last few weeks. This week: the importance of actively shifting your thoughts & vibratory pattern to a state of Self Belief, Trust and Faith. Watch the video and follow these steps to begin or excel the shift~some of you may already be doing this work and this is a message from the heavens saying Keep on Going, Don’t give up!!!

  1. Assess Your Self-Talk– Are your thoughts loving & positive or doubtful & negative?  If the latter, is it a result of traumatic childhood experiences, traumatic relationships or other unexpected life traumas?  This process helps you to begin shift the baseline of your thinking.  Denial is not a healing tool, it is ignorance, you have to face your pain in order to begin the process of achieving everlasting peace.  Don’t attach to the pain in this process, you are doing an active inventory, that is all.
  2. Active Awareness and Determination– Be aware of your thoughts and emotions as the come in.  Become determined to understand where unsettled thoughts and emotions come from.  Be determined to handle them and understand them in the moment & ask God and the Angels for help in releasing them as you begin to understand their root.
  3. Practice Positive Affirmations daily– I Believe in Myself.  I Trust Myself.  I have Faith in Myself.  Do this anytime the affirmations come to mind, also state them aloud or mentally when self-doubt arises.
  4. Let Go and Release!  Allow yourself to release the old patterns and be the person who believes in themselves.  This means, you might undergo a personality change.  You might start looking at your relationships differently, your carrer, your family situation.  This is positive though it may be a bit uncomfortable at first.
  5. SPEAK YOUR TRUTH– Yep, this one is in all caps for a reason.  Speak to the healers & practitioners your work with about your inner world & self-talk can they guide you to further healing?  Speak your truth to your loved ones?  Can they hear you?  Some may not understand & that does not make them bad or wrong, they are just in a different place.  It is important to begin aligning yourself with people who can support you.  Prayer and God’s guidance are immensely important at this place because all of the truth you speak must come from a place of inner healing & love.  You may cut off some ties at this point (see #4!).  Become clear about what your truth is verses what you have been programmed to believe as truth, there is a huge difference.  #1 greatly assists here because as we asses the root cause of negative thoughts and emotions we begin to see how they’ve played out in our inner & outer worlds.
  6. Allow– Allow God, your Higher Self & your Angels to work for you & help you through your daily prayers & affirmations.  Release the need to control & manipulate people & things…that is Ego and will not serve your higher purpose.  Strength from God is calm yet authoritative, not pushed or forced.
  7. Actively Work with this process to shift your inner world– This process is not passive, if negativity flows in it must be dealt with and handled right away.  The passive part comes from the allowing & trust.  Dealing with the root sources of your though patterns, how they impacted your past & present & might impact your future.

Through doing this work you begin to get in touch more with the unseen realm that so many are fearful of-this is really what the now moment is.  The spiritual world.  The material world appears to be easy because of it’s tangible material nature.  However, this is a trap.  There are so many unseen forces at play, if you have difficulty understanding this- begin to meditate on the miracle of life- the trees, the oxygen, the way food grows from the earth.  Begin to take this into your own life, your birth, your body, it is a miracle that you are here.  As you connect with this miracle you will begin to see that the negativity you experienced was a call back into discovering who you really are in a world full of uncertainty.  The majority of this process involves a release of societal and worldly conditioning so you may become the REAL YOU.

This message for you today comes from the place of highest Love and Joy, connected with and blessed by God.

Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

in harmony & love,