ReincarnationWhat does it mean?

I have had memories of reincarnation – a past life as a Ballet Dancer. I have seen & felt the memories on multiple occasions … this life was “me” but it also wasn’t.  How can this be?

I have developed two theories about Reincarnation that, in my case, are both true. Reincarnation is not “absolute”.

Before I go onto explain more on my theories, it is important that I share my experience with reincarnation & past lives.

The first time the past life came through during my adulthood was in the summer of 2013. I was in Amsterdam, staying in a hostel right on one of the canals. It was daytime & my roommates had left for the afternoon, I had to stay back handle some room issues with the management.  After getting dressed for the day I stood in front of the mirror to check myself out & suddenly I moved into a dance pose.  Next thing I knew I was switching in and out of different foot positions & moving around gracefully, like a ballerina. The experience was fleeting but made a lasting impression.

After traveling home from Europe I did not think much else of the experience because I started developing ill health.

Fast forward to June of 2014— I went to take Sound Healing training. One of the exercises during the Sound Healing training was a meditation attunement called “Past Life Mastery Soul Retrieval” where we meditate and call back lost soul fragments from this lifetime & past lifetimes.  As we went into this meditation I began to see the life of a ballet dancer.  Not only did I see it, I also felt it. I felt myself on stage, doing pirouette after pirouette, it seemed endless. I also saw myself in a dance studio, working with young ballerinas. These images were so clear, I felt connected to them, I knew it was me.

After the training I started looking more into the history of ballerinas in Eastern Europe. Sure, I could have picked one and said she was “me” but that would not have been honest and maybe I wasn’t famous. I started to recall memories — when I was in elementary school, I hadn’t had any dance training, and in the 4th grade I wanted to go En Pointe. I would bend and stretch my feet and try and go on pointe in my sneakers, if only just for a second. This feeling soon passed and I moved onto other things.  It resurfaced again in high school when I had the opportunity to join a school dance class program. Soon after I enrolled into a private studio for dance classes. Music, not dance, was the primary focus in my household, the dance phase only lasted one year.  Other than these experiences I do not have many other past memories as a dancer, my experience became more real-time as I realized all of the past experiences I had been through.

There was a point in the last year where I thought this past life was trying to take over my current life.  I had heard of something called a “soul braid” where integration of a past life happens and the memories from this life come through & there is also a noticeable change in appearance.  For me, it was a dramatic weight loss of 50 lbs that really made me see the dancer in my own body.

In the weeks to come the lessons started pouring in, I began to see why I had difficulty, for many years, with music practice & rehearsals because of the “over-worked” physical experience as a dancer.  I didn’t want to work as hard in this lifetime!  I could see why I had struggled with my weight & appearance for years, and why I had developed orthorexia, an eating disorder that started in college and followed me around for years.  Many of the dancer’s experiences had not been mastered were coming alive through me, in this lifetime.  As I became conscious and aware of these cycles I began shifting my approach & decided not to give anymore power to this past life.

Now that you’ve got the “back story” I can share with you my theories on Reincarnation and Past lives.

Theory #1: The Family Theory

I believe that one portion of our past life experience has to do with DNA and genetics, & for those who have done the work, this is why we have multiple past lives that we can recall.  Because my paternal ancestral lineage dates back to Eastern Europe, sure, there could have been a dancer in the blood line- I do not feel that the emotions and experiences I’ve felt are from my  genetics….or are they?

Theory #2: The Soul Theory

I believe that my soul has been around a long time.  A really long time.  I have memories of star formations, water planets, and two of my spiritual teachers from this lifetime, I also knew many lifetimes ago.

I also know that my past-life experiences, with the exception of the dancer, did not involve a human body but did involve my soul.  I know the body dies and the soul lives on….forever….

The soul travels on, perhaps in other lives we take a different body that is made of a different type of energy.  There is so much wonder and amazement to the human experience.


Since writing this post in September of 2015 I’ve had an in-depth Akashic Records reading that confirmed many of the past life memories that I had already known!  It felt so good to have so many things about myself confirmed by another person.  I am currently learning to read the records and will be able to help so many others in the same way!


Do you have a past life experience that you want to share?  Please do share in the comments section below.