When I first launched my coaching business, I could see that I was good at moving & shifting energy. I had been doing this for over a year as a sound healer, working with Chakras, Angels, and multidimensional energy.

When I began offering business coaching and calling in entrepreneurs to my 1:1 practice, I started to see how I was stirring up energy on my own life and using manifesting techniques to create shifts.

I mastered the practice of energy clearing and shifting in my own life and business. It took me months and months to fully integrate my Spiritual knowledge and understanding into my marketing, mostly because I was creating my own pathway to personal success. I was also learning how to self-express my Divine Gifts, which took daily mindset work.

Last night I was feeling quite introspective as I meditated and prayed. I was asking Spirit “what is next?” as I step forward as an aligned leader in this new 9-year cycle.

I could see the words “prayer” and “spiritual practice” coming through and something about a new coaching offer because products and services must be aligned and I’ve been asking for more alignment in this area.

This morning when I got up the answer was so clear:


I could see that I was doing this on a coaching call yesterday and sensed that the Manifesting Immersion is what is bringing this out to be expressed, the meditations and exercises are now being implemented by the women in the program, I can feel how the energy begins to move.

Looking back, I now see why I was guided to the Akashic Records in November of 2015. Reading and clearing the records, combined with aligning to your Divinity is a HUGE energetic shift. Massive. The weight that we put on the importance of these shifts is what makes all of the difference. Source alignment and 5D alignment means alignment to unconditional love… many of us have felt unloved in this lifetime or never known what unconditional love to ourselves was like. It’s similar to the feeling of a new relationship that feels too good to be true.

With this shift, I am going to take things to the next level and more importantly, be equipped to make BIG transformations with my clients. Upleveled income, more fulfillment, more joy, everything.

To sum it all up, you don’t have to be perfect or show up in your business with everything figured out. Once you align to your Divinity & ask Spirit Source + your Spirit team to help you, they will! The key is that it’s a daily journey and you must ASK for help, LISTEN for the answers to appear, and take ACTION to manifest.