Being a woman who is in-tune and highly energetically aware of all that is happening around me requires that I manage my super-human senses so that I can live a life that makes me happy and full of ease.

When you come into my space I do not read you, look you up, or check on you at any dimensional level.

I do get messages about the vibration of the people who are in my group and I am picking up on the frequency of a lot of women who are struggling, caught in trauma, trauma, turmoil, and fear while living with a high-level of internal frustration that their dreams are not manifesting.

I totally get it, I could go on and on about the 25+ years I lived trying to live for others and make them happy while my dreams sat in the distant shadows. I choose not to carry on about any of that as the focus of my internal external dialogue.

Instead I focus on the woman that I am, who has built multiple successful profitable business, the woman who miraculously covered from multiple illnesses to rise up and become an inspirational leader to others who lives and runs a business 100% on my own terms.

I would not have made it this far if I had not received guidance and mentorship from coaches who helped me figure things out really quickly, who taught be how to raise my prices and own my worth. I would not have set the price or made my first $12,000 sale that granted me the freedom to go full time in my business.

At this moment in time I am making it known in this group that I do not condone Lightworkers to:

  1. Discounting their Sessions
  2. Charging as little as possible
  3. Giving away tons of sessions after all required practice sessions have been complete
  4. Enabling yourself to live with a poverty mindset or poverty mentality
  5. Charging extremely low and “cheap” rates.

When i was in the music industry there was this huge gap where amateurs would do free gigs for little to no money. It threw off the vibe for the higher level musicians because club owners chose to hire the lower end musicians and the higher end musicians had to often travel and find venues who could compensate the rate they deserved. This is a big issue in the music industry, and basically a low standard has been set where many are also low consciousness (no judgement here) but it takes away from those who are extremely gifted.

When the same concept is applied to Lightworkers who are charging really low rates, say for an Akashic Records Reading, and another is charging 500% higher, a potential customer might not buy from the higher end practitioner because they say it’s “too expensive.” Looking at the situation from the client’s perspective, they will either buy the low-end experience because it is convenient for them or purchase the high-end experience because of the transformation that it brings.

You can look at your offers this way: are you selling information or transformation?

Information being a simple relay of insight from the spiritual realms that gives them a bit of insight on their situation but may lead to no motivation of changing.

Transformation being a process that will change the course of their lives forever and bring them into deeper alignment within themselves, their lives, and to Source.

If you are selling information it is very important that you look at your business model options so that you are not carrying on a lack money story by struggling to sell single one-off sessions at a low rate.

When you are selling transformation it is important that you put a price representation on the transformation that your client will go through and charge accordingly because if you price too low, you will repel clients and customers.