When you dreamed of going to college were you dreaming of the Ivy League University, The Arts School / Music Conservatory, or the community college?

How you invest in a 1:1 coaching program to develop and grow your online business is equivocal to how you would invest in a college program. You find a way to make it happen & this time mom and dad aren’t there telling you what to do. You choose how to live your life. It’s YOUR business and you have to make your own pathway.

Are you a dreamer who just can’t seem to make your purposeful passionate business happen to reach financial & spiritual comfort, no matter how hard you try?

Dreamers & multi-passionate, multi-gifted souls who have difficulty grounding & manifesting into reality MUST take the time needed and (1) check-in that your dream is actually YOUR dream (2) heal the lifetimes of self-sabotoge + escapism behaviors that equally play-into and perpetuate each other (3) start creating from the deepest most soulful place of authenticity and call in their soul tribe.

This process is not an overnight illusionary process. Babies are not born and fully grown in 1 to 2 months, your business will not be fully matured in that time either. You must do yourself the favor of not placing that expectation around it or it’s growth will be stifled.

It is possible to grow your business quickly, rapidly & exponentially when #1-3 above are in perfect order.

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