Claiming Your Authentic Mastery


There were a lot of things I thought that I wanted to be good at in this lifetime. I spent years wishing my life away, wishing that I had the desire to put more effort into my craft, wishing that I had more opportunities, wishing that I made more money, wishing that I was more creative and productive with my time.


That is how it feels when you are out of alignment with your life & business. You do so much wishing and very few actions are taken.


It has been since I connected with my Divine Soul gifts and allowed my gifts to shape my business that the trajectory of my life changed. {When i say “Divine” I literally mean my exact gifts that I received from Creator Source when my soul was born.}


From my Divine connection point onward, wishing my life away didn’t cut it anymore. I desired to LIVE and experience the fullness and expansiveness of my being. I started having conversations that I wouldn’t have had before, powerful conversations with the people closest to me.


I discovered that it was time to drop the excuses, something I deeply desired for years. I began working on my mindset and consciousness, from there I sought out new mentors to help me with this process even further. As I dove in further into manifesting my desires into reality resistance came up. It came up time and time again.


I learned from my Psychic Business Mentor that the past life blocks are usually the easiest to clear, its the present life “stuff” that causes the most resistance for us.


Regardless of the resistance, claiming my authentic mastery as a soul with a human experience was, and still is, top priority.


Claiming Your Authentic Mastery means that you are going to keep on going, despite all illusions and self-manifested blocks. You are going to refine, refine, refine. You are going to stop rushing through everything and love the process of what you are creating. You are going to keep on going and creating, falling in love with yourself every step of the way. You are going to discover the beauty of your brilliance and you are going to desire to attract clients to work with you, not because of money or power, because you are so incredibly pure and aligned that you are radiating with love to spread into the ethers and onto others.


Doesn’t that sound Divine?


Every word is true and something grand is waiting for you on the other side of the excuses. You can still love yourself in the space of the excuses and wishes, because this is the space that your soul has chosen for now.


It is really easy to clear the wishes and excuses away, if you no longer desire to be in that space. Making the choice to clear and heal is the best place to start, from there the glorious and infinite Universe will provide you with all that you need.


Request a Consultation and I will assist you in taking the steps needed to transform your life and business into a space where you are feeling Aligned, happy, productive & creative!