What do the words Alignment, Abundance and Freedom mean to you?


Today I am here to share with you a bit about what alignment, abundance, and freedom mean to me.  {At the bottom of the post please feel free to share in the comments what these words mean to you!}  To each of us they have a slightly different meaning because we all have our own unique versions of how we perceive freedom, based on our embodied experiences & spiritual connection.

For starters, I am feeling a lot of Freedom, Abundance & Alignment at this moment, being able to write you this blog post and express how these topics resonate with me.  Why?  Because Freedom, Alignment and Abundance are what I am all about!!!  I LOVE being in these energies, so having my business built around them feels very natural & expansive for me!

In a way, with the above statement, I answered the question….  Now, I will help you to deepen your understanding.


Imagine that your life is a pathway.  There is a specific energetic pathway in front of you, it is a perfect example of you staying in energetic alignment to your soul purpose.  In this lifetime you can make choices that resonate and keep you on this pathway energetically or you can make choices that take you off of this path.  It’s an intuitive path… It’s a path that is unique to you, so, following others and what they do is not always going to work for you – that creates what is called a “misalignment”.  When you view others path’s, ask yourself “is this something that I need to do myself, in order to stay in alignment?”

Creating alignment involves all of the ACTIONs that you take to achieve your life purpose.  Your choices, writing, creations, relationships, spiritual practice, relationship with yourself.  Alignment is all-encompassing and it takes a highly-conscious individual and do-er to achieve alignment in both life and business.


Abundance means many things to many people.  For me, I love feeling spiritually abundant with my connection to source, my spirit guides and to the Angelic realms — my spiritual connection helps me to make choices & take actions that are grounded into reality, bringing Heaven to earth.

I love feeling deep soul-level connections in my relationships.  Having deep connections with others feels abundant.

I love having a deep connection with my own inner self & that connection has helped me to heal my body & my life.

I love feeling financially abundant, having a career that brings in a wealth of money and that is aligned to my soul purpose and also guides other women towards their soul purpose.  I can’t imagine anything more abundant at the moment… but I know there is always more abundance because the universe in infinite!!!


  • Having a business that I LOVE, that is built around my gifts and energy.
  • Being able to work from home.
  • Working in a way that honors my body and my need for personal space and boundaries.
  • Traveling for weeks at a time.
  • Being able to afford the things that I love, when I want them, without worrying about prices.
  • Having amazing relationships that are healthy, nurturing and fulfilling.
  • Eating delicious organic foods and choosing a diet that helps me to thrive.
  • Choosing supplements that make my body singing.
  • Meditating and connecting with the spiritual realms.
  • Being intuitively guided and openly receiving the guidance.
  • Working with clients that I LOVE & that I’m excited to work with!

Okay!! It’s your turn, share in the comments what these words mean to you!   GO!