The 3 Keys to Powerful Instant Manifestation Results (and the Keys to your Your Business Success)


Very recently I created a post in a facebook group about developing the gifts and ability of Instant Manifestation, something that has served me very well in my life, health, and business, the post received a lot of “likes” and comments which told me that this is something that you want to know more about. There are a set of key ingredients to Instant Manifestation that you must be aware of, in order to manifest what you DO want and desire. Today I am sharing with you 3 of the most important keys to manifesting a life that excites you.

1. Intention

When you step deeply into the art of manifestation, having a clear intention is of the utmost importance. Your intention must be set with conscious, positive language and not contain any low-vibration energy of doubt, worry or not-enoughness. Setting powerful intentions for yourself should be done prior to any psychic reading, 1:1 healing session, or investment into any coaching or mentoring program. Your intention will be your gauge of how you measure your results, which is extremely important for energy work and coaching programs.

2. Know Your Desires

So many of the women who come to me are really gifted, talented, and have so much to offer, yet there is a detachment from their True Self. Detachment causes escapism (the need to escape one’s reality) and a lot of wonderfully spiritually gifted women find themselves hanging in the higher dimensions, it is often to escape their 3D reality.

You are here, incarnated in the 3D, in your body, to have a 3D experience. Being able to create a bridge between your Soul-self, spiritual self is one of the best gifts you can bring into the planet right now. If you find yourself constantly escaping and wanting to leave the body, it is key that you take a careful inventory of your life and assess if you are actually creating your true desires or aligning to someone else’s version of your life. Once you connect to your personal, Soul-level desires, you easily manifest them into the 3D.

3. Know Who You Serve

Knowing who you serve within your industry is the key to manifesting financial wealth, with your in-person or online business. When it comes to market research and ideal customer study highly conscious women often run from this task and meet it with “I want to help everyone” or “I am afraid that no-one will like what I have to offer”. This mindset is a trap because if you are thinking this way, you are probably already in the position of blocking your manifestation.

Connecting with your ideal clients and customers for market research is an incredibly joyful process and when you know WHO you serve + HOW you serve the mystery is taken out of the equation, making it simple and easy to attract these people to you.

These 3 Keys have helped me to shift from a dead-end offline freelance career to an incredibly successful online business. Being clear in my intention, knowing my desire and who I am best meant to serve has made consistent sales, growing income months and increasing word-of-mouth referrals a joyful process.

I hope this post has helped you get clear on how you can create instant manifestation results in your own life.