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After listening to some Abraham Hicks recently I was inspired to create this Facebook live video on: Reframing “what ifs” & negative thoughts.

So often self-doubt and thoughts of lack really keep brilliant stars dimming their light. That is SO disempowering & does not set the stage for manifesting wealth + abundance. I want to see all women {and men}:

  • Happy
  • Fulfilled
  • Alive
  • Joyful
  • Connected
  • At Peace

It is in these states that we truly create from a place of love and abundance. It actually takes energy and effort to be in a low-vibe state and again, that is not a state of manifesting positivity.

I spent a big portion of my life feeling low-vibe. Everyone thought I was happy but inside I really, really struggled. It took me hitting rock bottom with my health to begin reclaiming the missing pieces of myself and even then, it was an uphill battle.

EVERYTHING changed when I had my first Akashic Records clearing done & discovered out my Soul Level Gifts. There was no more guessing or worrying about what I was supposed to be doing. I discovered who I am and that released all second-guessing. It also explained why so many things did not work out for me. It became very easy for me to begin confidently marketing my business… going full-time within 6 months… It would have been even sooner if I had not tried to hold onto some things that were no longer serving me and let go of resistance. {I honestly know that every step I take now is paving the way for all of the amazing clients I work with and will be working with in the future}.

Checkout the video Reframing “what ifs” & negative thoughts HERE

Are you ready to drop the fear-based, negative paradigm that is distracting you from shining your light with more brilliance?

Are you having difficulty with getting your message or offers just right to call-in your ideal clients?

Or, you are working with clients but you feel run-down and tired because you are not charging what you are worth?

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