Offer Transformation as a part of your Products and Services….

Lately I’ve had a number of people contacting me for individual sessions or invite me to come and offer healing sessions at local expo events. This is something I did a lot of in 2015, I THOUGHT this was helping me with ca$h flow in my business… but in the long run… it was really hurting…


Because there was no transformation being offered, there was no WHY behind what I was doing… I was basically offering band-aids to people…

It may sound harsh…

Some people are perfectly content offering band-aids to people and that’s for them… but if you are a change-maker, a game-changer, deep-down a transformation goddess —- why would you NOT offer that as the ONLY choice for your clients??

So lets break it down now… we’ve got quite a few direct sales ladies here in the group…

:: you have this awesome product that you represent, right?

:: it’s helped you get through so many tough times & transform you own life, right?

:: you’ve got plenty of clients that are one-time buyers or people that are interested but either don’t follow through or take a really long time to sign up – & guess what? when they FINALLY DO sign up it is because they reached the conclusion that a transformation was involved.

So, My QUESTION to you is this….

What is the transformation that YOU provide?

It is UNIQUE to YOUR GIFTS. You have to find it within all of the benefits, tips & how-to’s your direct sales company is trickling down to you or that you are seeing inside internet marketing.

You have to UNLOCK the KEY to the TRANSFORMATION that you bring to your clients and if you don’t KNOW what it is…. YOU have to uncover it for yourself.

Another thing… step beyond the FEAR… if you are a healer or offer a healing service… don’t be afraid to TELL PEOPLE what they need. They don’t know… That is why they are coming to you. They want to FEEL BETTER and they think you will be able to help them somehow.

Is one session, with no follow-up, going to create the lasting transformation that they are seeking?

Is a single, one-time purchase of your product going to create the transformation they are seeking?

You have to package your products and services with TRANSFORMATION in MIND. If you aren’t sure how to do this, you need guidance, it’s the only way you are going to get from point A to point B.

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