Be as you wish to seem. ~ Socrates

What is something you’ve been intending to attract into your life?

Go ahead, pause, and think about it for a minute.

Anywhere from one to five things might have come to your mind. Most of us are ambitious and have multiple goals and dreams we are bringing to fruition.

Now, think about how much time you’ve put into taking action that will help you attract those things into your life?

I love taking action from a space of brilliance. Being in brilliance happens when I feel lit up from being in my zone of genius. I’m in flow with my

ideas and creations.

Being in brilliance also happens when I am connected to the sensation of already having the future I am creating.

What creates the attraction?

When you’re taking action from a space of being in brilliance the walls come down and words flow.

It’s in our ability to communicate to others, communicating our message, our vision, the transformation of the product or service, the future possibility – that others in our community can be drawn in to experience our deeper work and services.

It’s also in our ability to communicate with our teams, our families, and our friends, that they enlist in the vision we are creating for our lives and experience together.

This is a very high-level place of being in life.

It is brilliant and it is attractive.

It is attractive first to you because you feel good about yourself, your ideas, and your actions.

Then it is attractive to others because you are open with your communications and invitations.

It’s also attractive to the universe!

Magical experiences will appear out of thin air.

Being in brilliance does not mean that you will not think doubtful thoughts. It does not mean that you will not feel nervous. Those are hard-wired thoughts and feelings designed to keep us safe and we want them to be there. The differentiator is that these thoughts and feelings do not need to control us from taking risks or stepping outside of our comfort zones.

Too much fear and doubt will block out the brilliance and prevent growth from happening. When this happens, a fantastic way to reconnect with brilliance is to do self-development work to facilitate an inward connection.

The next step, if you choose, is to connect with being in brilliance and take action from that space.

Will you, do it?