When June came to me, she felt like she lacked real direction on how to proceed in her business and struggled with her confidence around closing high-ticket sales. 

June now feels confident, has a better sense of focus and direction, as well as increased energy. She feels like she is in a good zone and credits that to our work together. Learning the sales conversation process and receiving mindset coaching was crucial in helping her show up better for her clients. 

Attending group coaching sessions made June realize that everyone has common struggles and that she wasn’t alone. Listening to others became a positive experience for her. 

Since she started working with Celia, she has had over eight sales of her high-ticket product that retails for $3,995. She closed over $31,000 in sales!

Now, June is consistently holding Zoom calls, networking meetings and was also showcased in two podcasts that boosted her sales. Using the confidence that Celia has taught her allowed her to hold her first meeting with a doctor. 

Here is what June had to say about working together: 

“Celia is one of the top leaders in the coaching industry. She really gets to the root of what you need to know. She helps you to shine and is truly heart-centered. She has your best interest in mind and speaks from her heart. She coaches her clients to be extraordinary, and that is what she has done for me!”

June is now mindful of how she speaks to potential clients and steps into her “brave shoes” when going on sales calls. June is knocking it out of the park and celebrating her recent wins!

June Zahn
A Better Me LLC