My client, June Zahn, who participated in my 6-month group mentorship earlier this year (2020) just celebrated her first $40,000 month in sales!

She graciously met me for an interview to share the secrets behind her success and what she learned while training with me. 

One of the most valuable foundational pieces I teach my clients, to have clarity around who your ideal clients & buyers are and focus on serving them, really paid off big for June. 

In the video June shares:

  • What selling means to her, her heart-centered mission.
  • Habits she came into mentorship with that were holding her back that she’s let go of.
  • The top sales skills she’s using today that she got out of our work together.

Watch the 15-minute video where she shares her strategies for winning, creating a $40,000 month in sales while being on track to replace her corporate income this year!