Your Journey to Success

Spending time developing a “success mindset” is so important for an empowered entrepreneur. With the intention of inspiring your journey, today I am expressing a few important lessons that I’ve learned on my journey to success.

Having massive amounts of success means that you make the choice to put away every single reason that you “can’t”, “won’t”, or “shouldn’t”.

To create success you have to put yourself out there and drop the act of how you think others perceive you.

We gain our inner power by reflecting inward, on the inner self, what you may also call the soul.

Holding onto other’s possible perceptions of you is only going to stunt your growth.

If you are surrounding yourself with people who are playing small, you’ll find yourself playing small and that isn’t going to cut it if you have a Rockstar vision and dreams for yourself.

Years back, when I was completing my musical training, I took on the illusion that in order to be successful I needed to be perfected and polished before I could put myself out there and make massive leaps and have massive success. I kept all of my nitty-gritty, raw, and real expression hidden away. As a result I started waiting for someone to discover me, to make it happen for me, and that was never going to work.

We are the powerful creators of our own realities. We are not victims of circumstance. Everything comes about through some sort of choice that we have made.

If you are wanting massive success and you are not having it, you need to look at the mentors and people you are surrounding yourself with. You have to be driven, focused and determined that once the ship starts sailing nothing is going to stop you from manifesting your dream reality.

If you choose to sit around and wonder “is this going to work out?”, “is this really going to happen for me?”, “will I ever make it?”, “why don’t I have any money?” you are using precious time that could otherwise be spent creating, networking, practicing, doing what lights you up, and monetizing.

If you are tired of squeezing yourself into a box of what success or prosperity looks like for you, based on someone else’s model, then stop it.

Go find the people who are living the life you dream of having and follow them, watch them, and model them.

When you connect with what inspires you personally you start to formulate your own vision of success and people are drawn to you because you are owning your worth, skills, and talents.