There are 2 messages that constantly come up again and again for my Lightworker clients that I am being guided to reaffirm here today.

(1) You are a Pioneer.

It is so easy to look to the trendy coaches and programs in the online industry that promise big results . When I first started out I spent over 6 months working on a trendy course that ended up being a major distraction that I never finished. You may have found yourself signing up for those programs and not seeing a big result. One course I signed up for led me to misalign myself so much that I had to “unlearn” and clear all of the information!

Pioneer Lightworkers must preserve their energy and exercise high levels of discernment as to whether or not something is going to enhance your light or drain it. We do not want the latter.

Pioneers do not follow trends… they create them!

(2) Your gifts are needed.

As a pioneer you are paving the way for the coming awakened ones, with your light being awakened it is a BIG sign from Creator Source that you are needed to step forward and open the space for others to come to you.

There are a number of things that hold us back from moving forward, yes, it’s ourselves, but that is such a simplified answer. We are working with ALL of the dimensional levels of our existence, karmic patterns, programming and conditioning. Your #1 gift that you give to yourself is learning how to use your Light on yourself and trusting that is the key to helping others.

As a coach, you have coached yourself into success.

As a healer, you have healed yourself on many levels.

As a teacher you have taught yourself to learn new and different approaches.

As a mentor to others, you have helped yourself to many positive results.

You don’t have to hide.

If I can show up on my public facebook page, run a group, an email list and business page while talking about being a psychic, making my living as a psychic business coach… you can too!

The Universe will support you. You are here to shine your light!

(1) You are a Pioneer.

(2) Your gifts are needed.