Have you recently been hearing of people talking about their “Gifts” and you are wondering what exactly they are talking about?

Are you wondering what your “Gifts” are and how you can use them to create more happiness and success for yourself?

I know that I’ve had these questions myself, and I even wondered if I could ever get a clear picture or answer because the concept seemed so deep and abstract.

Exploring the idea of “gifts” in the spiritual sense, they are given to you. Just like any other gift you receive, you make the choice to cultivate it and harness it in your life.

Your gifts are unique to you. They are a combination of your Divinity and your Embodied Experiences (what you’ve learned while having a body – both in this lifetime and past lifetimes).

A common trend that I see happening continuously is the rejection of one’s gifts. This rejection is happening at an energetic and cellular level. This rejection can lead to numerous physical and energetic ailments.

Imagine that you are gifted a Mercedes Benz. You accept the car but internally you don’t feel connected to having a car of this caliber. The car is much nicer and fancier than you are used to, perhaps you don’t feel worthy of this car because you feel that only “special” people drive these cars. There is an internal disconnect between you and your gift and to enjoy this car you must do some internal healing work to begin appreciating it, otherwise you are going to feel conflicted every time you go for a drive.

The same applies to harnessing your own gifts. If you feel conflicted for being sensitive, emotional, intuitive or even psychic, that energy is going to follow you into all areas of your life. At the deepest levels you are rejecting your gift.

How do you begin honoring your gifts and freeing yourself from the constant state of internal rejection?

(1) Awareness. Begin to notice the patterns that are always on repeat. They are cyclical and have an energetic signature to them. Can you identify these patterns and heal the need to reject? Can you practice non-judgement with yourself?

(2) Understanding. You are not alone in these feelings you have, it is much greater and deeper than I can explain in one email alone (I do go deeper with these topics in the Entrepreneurial Lightworker. Understand that others are facing what you also face and build healthy connections with others, to pave the way for Unity Consciousness.

Allowing yourself to step into a state of self-appreciation and non-judgement opens the door for tremendous amounts of love and joy to fill your life.

Once you begin to honor your gifts, it becomes much easier to bring them into your business endeavors and you can make them part of your daily life. As a healer, mentor, speaker, or coach you impact others at a much deeper level when you are honoring the deepest parts of yourself first.