Recently, through the guidance of the full moon, something deep shifted within me.

For several days I was pulled into reading article after article about world conditions. I didn’t fully understand why I was being led to do so, yet, at the same time the message “your greatest joys can come through the darkest moments”.

Soon after this message came through I shifted out of the uncertain space and was able to check-in with the masses of angels that I connect with. I was led to call them in and then guided to connect with them across the globe, into every space I had been shown pain and suffering from the articles read earlier in the week.

I was shown that through knowledge and understanding while holding a space of neutrality, I could send prayer and healing light at a much deeper level.

Suddenly, during meditation, I received the confirmation of my calling that I heard a few weeks prior, very specific guidance as to who I serve and how I am meant to serve. An answer to a prayer that I’ve put forth since my teen years. The only difference between then and now is one simple thing, alignment.

When my life radically shifted 3 years ago I knew that I had to change and I immediately began embarking on a journey to heal, not knowing where I would be led while trusting in miracles.

Here I am, three years later, running my dream business, working with dream clients and living the spiritual life that always rested inside of my heart. This is alignment.

I feel more freedom and love than I ever have. I have been guided to the tools that have allowed me to fully love, understand and embrace myself. This is something that I am able to bring to my clients. Holding space for them to get into alignment and connect with their own truth. Pioneering uncharted territory in business and life.

With all of this energy, a new space has opened in my heart, as I was guided to the ones that I serve: Lightworkers.

Lightworkers are all around. Some are very well aware of their calling and some are just gaining a small inkling of their gifts.

If this is you, the Lightworker, I invite you into my sacred, yet powerful space, The Entrepreneurial Lightworker Facebook Group.

It is a calm, quiet and centered space that serves to bring inspiration and understanding forth to the Lightworkers who are connected in.

There are several principles that Lightworkers stand for, ultimately Peace, Love and Divine will. And Lightworkers sometimes need help getting clear on exactly what their “work” is because it is not as simple as showing up and applying for a job. It is a deep inner journey that always bears an external reward.

Lightworkers often seek guidance with how to make a living shining their light.

I invite you to join us in The Entrepreneurial Lightworker, to hone your gifts and connect with others across the planet.

Have a lovely week!

Celia Faye Meisel