Being a lightworker means that you have a powerful gift of light to shine upon the world. This gift is expressed in your own unique way through your embodiment (the tools, knowledge, and specializations you’ve learned in the body) and your divine gift (your unique soul level gift from Source). Your mind probably has an idea or a vision for how you help and serve others; however, it is through words that we create. Speaking, writing, and talking about your service are some of the greatest ways to be of service to others with your gifts.

My private facebook group, The Entrepreneurial Lightworker, is a space for you to talk about what you do and how you help others. This is a space of complete acceptance! We are here to support one another and build a dialogue around what we do.

Twelve months ago I started showing up on video every single day, speaking about my ideas and how I could help people. Those videos helped me to make lasting friendships and client relationships. I also communicated those ideas through Facebook posts, and as a result, I booked clarity calls with so many amazing women who became clients and friends.

In the last 12 months, there were many days that I cried and wept because giving myself this kind of permission was so deeply uncomfortable. I let go and released the deep baggage that was not serving me and stepped into my greater purpose. Fully saying ‘yes’ to my gifts after stuffing them away for 34 years was not easy; yet, it was all that I desired, and I knew without a doubt that I could do it.

This message is a call to all lightworkers to start writing about what you do! Create a post, write a blog or newsletter, or make a live video. Share any and all of these with your own community daily. Practice giving value by talking about your gifts and embodiment. Then, notice how easy it becomes to share with others about what you do and how you can help them.

Start speaking about your gifts and service. Get out of your comfort zone. Take aligned actions now. There is no need to wait or delay.

Remember this always; you are a pioneer! Your gifts are needed!