How I’ve Switched the Gears from an Empty & Overly-Masculine Way of Life to A Life of Balance & Deep Fulfillment
25+ years of my life were spent as a music student -> musician -> freelance music educator.
That ended abruptly in late 2015 when I was done performing. I’d had enough of putting myself through emotional hell to live up to a standard that someone, when I was very young, told me I needed to live up to. I had conformed for about as long as I could, until my body had started giving out on me in 2013.
I needed more femininity in my life.
I quickly discovered sound healing and she opened the door for me to connect with my deeply spiritual feminine side.
Sound healing also fed an egotistical need to “stay connected to music” because I thought I should… I had a masters in it & I couldn’t allow myself to drop it all together.
Sound healing was also a gateway into my Soul.
I was reintroduced to Melchezidek and connected with a spiritual side of myself that I had sought in religions, churches, and spiritual teachers, yet none of them had the answers I was seeking.
Then the beautiful angels came into my life. I can honestly say that without the sound bowls and the angels I personally would not be where I am at this moment, nor would my business be here. They motivated me and taught me when my ego and my Soul were battling it out for which direction I should take.
My direction became very clear when I first gained access to information in my Akashic Records.
There were aspects of myself that could never be explained by anyone, until then. My gifts and abilities became apparent and I wanted my business to reflect my gifts.
It was scary dropping the old life, but what would have been even scarier was staying stuck with bad health & burn out.
I am now seeing that as the Divine Feminine rises within each of us and as we claim our loving power, all of the ways we’ve rejected ourselves through the years and lifetimes becomes too uncomfortable to bare.
Not shining your light, not speaking your truth, not standing in your power feels “off.”
To experience fulfillment, you learn to stop questioning yourself and stop giving fuel to other people’s drama, this is how a whole world of infinite possibility opens up.
For many months it felt safe, even womb-like, to teach inside of my Facebook group, but that doesn’t feel aligned anymore. There are billions of Facebook users and within this space, women who do now, and will in the future, need my support.
If you are super-masculine, if you are offended by spiritual concepts, know that I will not judge you for your belief systems or views. I kindly ask that anyone who follows me on this page does not reply to my content or work in a combative nature, simply “unfollow” me or “unfriend” and we are all good. My knowing and viewpoints are not up for debate in this space, as I have mentors and support systems who help me to align my voice, visibility and messaging. The space that I come from is pure, authentic, and true.
I’m done living in fear of the over-masculine system that positions humanity to deny & reject ourselves while being victimized by circumstance. We are a highly smart and intelligent group of beings. It’s time to shift the polarity and start living up to the positive expressions of our design, rather than in a lack-filled, fearful nature.
I am here, holding the space for entrepreneurs who desire support to come into alignment with Soul gifts and entrepreneurial gifts, bringing them into wholeness and harmony.
I’m excited to express all that I’ve been creating in my own life and world, the results are phenomenal.