Can you relate to having a desire for freedom within your life and business?

A desire for freedom may be one of the reasons you started your own business in the first place.

You desired the freedom to set your own hours, to choose who you work with, to not have a boss, to be able to travel, to be home with your children, the list goes on…

On the other side of freedom is responsibility. Running and maintaining a business – whether online or in person – requires responsibility and personal accountability. You are your own boss, you are the one in charge of your own destiny.

Within this realm of responsibility is where I see many women loose connection to the sense of freedom they truly desire… and something else takes over.

There is a very delicate balance of inner and outer work.

If you become too external & outwardly focused comparison-itis will rapidly set in.

When you feel yourself going too far outward self-sabotage also sets in. You must then reel in your emotions and recreate your inner sense of freedom & peace.

Some symptoms of self-sabotage include:

  • escapism – binge eating, drinking too much, addiction
  • netflix binging for days on end
  • avoiding work tasks that need to be done
  • avoiding reaching out to potential clients
  • distracting yourself from doing money-making activities
  • spending too much unproductive time on facebook & any other social media platform


When any of the above appears in your life, it is the perfect time to unplug.

Take a break, do something fun, go into nature… relax….

You can allow yourself the netflix binge night but let it be intentional, as a form of relaxation rather than avoidance.

If you do not take care of yourself and draw boundaries for yourself in the business growth process, as your business blooms, you are going to find yourself in the place of feeling over-worked and overtired because you frazzled yourself rather than enjoying the process and smelling the roses along the way.

This is a gentle reminder that it is up to you to connect with the inner freedom that you desire and make it a top priority in your life and business.

The Universe will support you and bring you whatever it is you are attracting, make sure that you are actually attracting what you deeply desire by taking responsible actions that are aligned, and also taking much needed time for rest & self-care!