On your spiritual online entrepreneurial journey you should only ever need 3 things:

  1. A startup coach – this is the person who helps you setup your blog or website, and online business. They also help you do market research and build out the early stages of your clarity call, offers and pricing.
  1. The “next level” coach for the intermediate level business owner. At this point your ideal client avatar will have shifted slightly and this coach will help you to refine your messaging, client attraction process, and explore deeper into how you serve.
  1. The advanced coach. When you are ready, this coach will be offering high ticket services and help you to enter the multi-six figures and even 7 figures mark.

This all sounds so simple and easy, as it should be. However, there is a lot of confusion that one embarks upon during their entrepreneurial journey.

Let’s have a deeper look:

  1. Instead of hiring a startup coach you piece together your business with group programs, opt-ins, freebies, free advice and courses. You end up with a very generic sense of how you want your business to look while as a sensitive, spiritual and soulful entrepreneur you have invited a lot of extreme and different energies into your business – from many non-spiritual people. These energies have caused you to feel scattered and uncertain about your next steps and direction.
  1. Instead of connecting with the intermediate coach, you continue to piece together your business with group programs, freebies, info products and a 1:1 coach that is geared for the entrepreneurs who are at the advanced levels. Now, you want to offer 1:1 coaching, create an info product, launch an e-course, a membership site and only work 3 hours per day. Again, overwhelm and uncertainty.
  1. The most important key now is looking at how all of this confusion is impacting your marketing. Chances are you aren’t marketing at all. You are confused because there are a number of coaches in free groups telling you to get clients by posting 3-5 times a day in 3 different groups – this causes you to feel forgettable. This causes you to feel that if you miss one day of posting, let alone 1 week, your business will not succeed. And because you’ve pieced together your business you feel stuck.


Stuck isn’t fun. Stuck isn’t spiritual, either.

Spirit is life force energy, Spirit flows and guides you, bringing in miracles.

All of this confusion, it doesn’t feel very miraculous at all.

Let’s now have a look at how you can free yourself from these cycles:

  1. Get Spiritual. The most common issue that I see amongst the Lightworker community is not having a daily spiritual practice. This is your food and nourishment for every aspect of your business and life. Fill your cup first and you will always have plenty to share and give.
  1. Use your healing skills on your own business. Go inward and perform your own energy clearings on every area of your business. Anything that was pieced together, any misaligned opt-in that you ever signed up for, any misaligned action that comes into consciousness, clear out all of the stagnant energy and realign all business areas to the highest expression possible for yourself in the now moment. This may take one hour, this may be done over a series of days where you ask your Higher Self to reveal all that is ready to be released and do the clearings as the information appears. This process will help you to reclaim your own power and draw in strength and an energy vortex around your business.
  1. Be the Lightworker that you are here to be. No longer question following the crowd vs listening to your internal nudges. You have a very specific reason that your Light has been awakened. Use it for love, healing, happiness and transformation and you will always be rewarded for your Divine service.