Your Energy and Actions in both your Spiritual Development path and your business actions, Directly Impact the Monthly Income You Receive. Today I have a 30-minute video to share with you on this important topic!


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  1. How you are choosing to fulfill your spiritual path directly relates to how you are growing your business. In the same way that you have discernment over your spiritual food, have discernment with what you are taking in for your entrepreneurial food.
  2. Be aware if you have a tendency to invest in “magical” programs and courses that tend to not attract in your results while causing you to avoid the actions that you really need to be taking in your business.
  3. Follow your intuition! Your intuition helps to guide you spiritually, it also helps to guide you with choosing business support.
  4. The resulting impact on your income is that your clients aren’t sure what they will receive from you because your energy is not clear. Your clients are always asking themselves “What are the results that I want? Can this person help me to achieve my desired results?”