Are you setting yourself up to play small?

Are you limiting the amount of impact that you can have?

Are you limiting the amount of income you can earn?


Cookie cutter vs. business strategy.

Cookie cutter systems do not usually serve highly-conscious female entrepreneurs and they can lead you to play small because you get caught up in the details, leading to overwhelm.
There is an attraction to buying-into systems that promise shortcuts and big returns, yet they are not spiritually rooted or even grounded.
What I have found is that there are no “quick fixes” when it comes to business building and growth. Though, you can work with a coach or mentor who can save you a lot of time and headache by taking you through personalized steps that fit your needs.
I’ve had cookie-cutter mentors as well… they caused me a lot of confusion also!

Here are some tips for you to set yourself up for success, which means you have to play big to attract the clientele and resulting income:

  1.  Always know what you desire your life to look like. This doesn’t mean plan out your life until your retirement years. Look at the next 90 days. What would you like to accomplish? Where would you like to have a breakthrough?
  2. Connect with what really excites you about your business, with the parts of your business that you do love. Check-in and ask “can I develop a strategy around these things that I love?” Doing what excites you and turns-you-on in your business is always going to lead you to more success rather than obligations and cookie-cutters.
  3. Are you hiding? Should you be showing up more online or to your email list? Should you be reaching out to current or past clients and customers, checking in on them? I always tell my clients to “look where you’ve got money sitting on the table” and guide them to focus on monetizing areas that they have been lacking.
Ultimately, connecting with what makes YOU personally happy and excited is what is going to bring you the most success. And sure, procrastination happens, fear happens, worry happens… it is up to you to Alchemize those thoughts and emotions and align with your passions so that you can show up in a BIG way – however that looks and feels to you. BIG might mean speaking more of your thoughts and opinions that you’ve been holding onto, it might mean bringing community together, it might mean creating and implementing systems and structures that feel organized and orderly, it might mean doing more healing sessions, connecting with inner truth on a deeper level, allowing your manifesting gifts to lead the way or connecting with Universal law to help guide others to a deeper sense of truth.
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