For this week’s blog I am joined by Zelda Okia MD. Zelda, also known as Dr. Z, is a life and weight loss coach for busy professional women who are tired of yo-yo dieting and frustrated by their weight struggle.

For 10 years Dr. Z worked as a medical examiner viewing traumatic and non-traumatic deaths. 

She saw that in many non-traumatic (natural) deaths, although no physical trauma may have been outwardly noticeable, the effects of long-standing chronic stressors including heart disease, diabetes, and obesity were clearly evident.  

She spent ten years examining results people created within their bodies that caused their deaths. She examined these results when it was too late for them to make any changes.  

Now, she examines the results that people create in their lives while living. She and her clients, together, look at their habits and determine if they are serving them to achieve long lasting health. 

In my interview with Dr. Z, we dive deep into sensitive topics related to racism and what she has witnessed as a black woman, as a medical examiner, and as a coach. 

In this interview Dr. Z shares her viewpoints on: 

  1. How racism is taking a toll on the lives and health of many black individuals in the Milwaukee area, especially.
  2. Her expertise on “Black Burnout.” What it is, what causes it, how it shows up in the lives of Black Americans, and that it is not dependent on economic status.
  3. She shares what she has seen as possible options and solutions to bridge the gap and put an end to racism.
  4. She shares community based and online organizations that are working to end racism through community initiatives, education, and outreach.


To connect with Dr Z visit:

Facebook: Zelda Okia and Zelda Okia MD
Instagram: Zeldaokia


Resource Links: 

Bay Bridge Wisconsin

Bay Bridge works to build bridges within & between communities in support of racial & cultural diversity, equity & justice. We bring together people of color & white allies in safe & welcoming environments for discussion & advocacy.


Bridge The Divide

Bridge The Divide is a forum for discussion and action around racial reconciliation. The group seeks to identify instances of inequality, foster empathy, and educate others to recognize their part in the problems  and solutions in Ozaukee County…and beyond