When you intentionally connect with your 5th Dimensional consciousness to create your 3rd Dimensional reality manifestations happen so much more quickly and seamlessly!

Your Divine, Soul-level gifts are the highest expression of your 5D consciousness.

In the past 9 months I have been coaching my clients to create business success from their 5D consciousness. So many have had amazing breakthroughs; they feel confident to show up on video, start charging their worth, present webinars, change their niches (going from zero clients to 4-figure sales), attract 5-figure cash months, and so much more! I LOVE what I do and I am able to do it because I have developed the ability to manifest my own dream clients who are a joy to work with.

Today I have a fun manifesting exercise for you:

  1. Set a specific intention – something that can easily be manifested within your current energetic frequency.
  2. Set a timeline, allowing your intuition to frame the timeline.
  3. Connect with Spirit daily on this intention, write or journal about it, talk to yourself or others about it.
  4. Desire to manifest the intention in an aligned way, meaning that you take actions that are aligned to your unique gifts to bring this manifestation about.

The more you act in this way, the more quickly you will manifest a happy, joyful, soul-filled life.

If you have questions about how to do this exercise let me know by leaving a comment!