When it comes to offering a product or service, positioning is key. Many people make the mistake of focusing on features and service delivery when promoting their offers. However, glorifying your nine modules or eight calls is not enough to stand out from the crowd. In order to be unique and different, you need to offer something special and transformational.

The language and messaging you use to talk about your offer are essential in targeting the right people, those who are ready to invest and are open to the right support. To do this, your messaging needs to be compelling and engaging, showing people how you can help them overcome their top-of-mind challenges. This involves speaking to the right people, ensuring that your message resonates with them and that they are qualified buyers who are ready to invest.

Seeding is another important aspect of offer positioning. Every marketing effort you make should lead back to your high-ticket offer, which should deliver transformational experiences for your clients. This is where many people struggle with positioning since they are too close to their offers and can only see the features and service delivery. To avoid this, it’s important to zoom out and see the bigger picture of how your offer can help your clients.

To get offer positioning right, you may need to work with an expert to develop your offer language, ensure that your positioning is high converting, and attract the right buyers. Remember that offer positioning is not a one and done thing, but rather an ongoing process that requires a few iterations and conversations to get it right.

Are you struggling with offer positioning? Remember that once you have a compelling offer positioning, you can use it repeatedly for the life of the offer.