Are you feeling like something is “off” and you are still not manifesting the deepest desires that you are longing for?

There is a certain energy and connection that happens when you actually start to fulfill your dreams and desires. It feels really, really good.

If you are feeling “off” & stuck, watch the video below and then spend some time after the video journaling and connecting with your deeper desires.

Here are a few writing points for you to work with:

  • What are some miracles and manifestations that you feel are just around the corner but you can’t fully connect with?
  • What is blocking you from bringing these miracles and manifestations into reality?
  • Then ask your soul & spirit team, how can I start bringing these miracles and manifestations into my life. What are 3 actions I can take today to make a change?

From there you will have a lot of information to work with. You will know exactly what is blocking you internally so that you can begin creating or doing. You will know the right action steps to begin taking TODAY.

Chances are you are living way too much in your head, thinking a lot and worrying a lot, but you aren’t taking action. Action is the difference between someone who is realizing their goals and dreams and someone that isn’t.

You are responsible for your life as the conscious creator of your reality!

Watch the Video Now

Know that your dreams desire you, just as much as you desire them.