In the last 10 months I have I spent countless hours learning about myself as a Soul, honoring and listening to my inner needs and desires, and releasing what I thought the external world was telling me to do with my life.

In that time I was able to step away from a self-employed career that was not feeding my Soul, while growing my business around what I love most in life:

(1) Spirituality

(2) Honoring my Soul level needs and desires

(3) Mentoring and helping others with their businesses and Spirituality

(4) Freedom and expansiveness to travel and be mySelf.

While honoring my calling I started to experience a level of depth like never before. I created travel opportunities, two solo journeys to Colorado this year – Colorado Springs in January, where I met a man in a coffeehouse who told me of two experiences in his life where he was saved from near-death by two Angels, and most recently Denver, where I experienced a deep spiritual transformation and newly awakened Spirit connection.

I traveled to Arkansas in late June/early July where I was able to say goodbye to my great-grandmother who passed at age 102. From there I traveled into Hot Springs where I fulfilled my desire to connect with the Vortexes and acquire several crystals. In Hot Springs I stayed with an amazing airbnb host who was a former crystal miner, she directed me to the best place to acquire my crystalline companions.

My travel adventures also included inspiration and career development: two trips to Chicago (1) to The Podcast Movement Convention where I took a one-day Live Video intensive with Dana Garrison and Casey Zeman and (2) an in-person EFT event with tapping expert Brad Yates. While in Denver last week I met one of my coaches whose energy was key in helping me go full-time in my freedom-based spiritual lifestyle business.

Most importantly, I’ve spent quality time with my husband and family. Babysitting nieces and nephews, attending family birthdays, accompanying my husband to his gigs, performances and training events, and visiting my sister in NY for 10 days.

While all of this excitement and adventure was happening, I was running my business, coaching my clients, creating content, working with my VA, meeting and grooming new clients and developing myself spiritually.

You see, part of my deepest transformation came when I deeply sought to connect my spiritual Self with my human Self, going deeper and deeper into my spiritual path while growing my business.

Your spiritual consciousness is connected to the highest levels of consciousness, so when you are aligning to Source, at first it is a very conscious practice. Carving out time for meditation, reading spiritual books, praying, doing breathwork, chanting, listening to high-frequency audios, following the desire as a spiritual seeker to truly know your Multidimensional Self. After a certain amount of time these parts of you integrate and become whole. Your life becomes a reflection of your inner world, peaceful and happy. There is no more turbulence or unsettled energy because you are complete.

The greatest beauty in all of this is that as I created the pathway for myself to live in this expression of wholeness and certainty, I did the same for my clients.

Over the last 10 months I have tested and observed what has worked for my own business and also noted my client’s results, building the Soul Signature Success System. A structured system that allows the modern day spiritual Lightworker, regardless of what service based industry you are in, to integrate your spiritual self into your business. Attracting your high-vibration clients who seek the transformation and change that you are skilled to bring to them.