Launches and Virtual Events can be challenging, especially when it comes to making more sales with each launch. In this blog post I will share three ways to make your launches more frequent and effective.

Evaluate Your Launches After every launch, it’s important to do a debrief and analyze your results. This includes looking at your conversion rates, the performance of your team, and your own performance. You should also review your content and delivery to see where the drop-off occurred and what helped or hurt your results. Use data, qualitative and quantitative analysis to make informed decisions about your future launches.

Improve Your Sales Process Your sales process needs to convert and work for you. It’s important to have a cadence, messaging, and touchpoints in your buyer journey throughout your launch and event cycle. Additionally, you can hire a sales rep, sales and admin person or sales manager depending on the type of launch you are doing. However, before hiring any sales reps, ensure that your sales process converts. Identify where money leaks occur in your sales process and address them. Most importantly, follow up with your potential clients to let them know that you value them and want their business.

Effective Follow-ups Many coaches leave money on the table because they do not follow up effectively. Following up one or two times is not enough to close a deal. You should develop a follow-up plan that engages your potential clients through multiple stages of your sales process. It’s important to be persevering with follow-ups and to not give up. Consider reaching out on different platforms such as email, social media, and text messages to stay top of mind with your potential clients.

In conclusion, to make your launches more frequent and effective, evaluate your launches, improve your sales process, and follow up effectively. By doing so, you’ll not only support more clients but also generate more revenue in your business. Don’t leave money on the table. Start implementing these three strategies today and watch your business thrive.