I believe that internal transformation creates external results. That is why I learned to read and clear the Akashic Records and incorporated Soul-level coaching into my business coaching process.

For decades I put unnecessary pressure on myself to be something that I wasn’t, once my Soul-level blocks and restrictions were cleared and I discovered my Divine Soul Blueprint, I began accepting myself for who I truly am.

I also learned about my entrepreneurial gifts within the Akashic Records and how my Soul loves to do business. I now have the ability to access the Business Akashic Records and have been rolling this out with a few of my clients over the last month.

An aligned business model is what creates the energetic flow of ideal clients and opportunities. It takes a lot of testing and refining at first but once congruency is established your business energy flows with complete ease.

In November 2016 I made one significant shift in my business model that aligned to my Soul Group and two huge positive alignments manifested from the shift.

I have discovered that just like our Divine Gifts have a positive side and a shadow side, our businesses have the same type of expression. We can be on the positive side of our business model and the shadow side of our business model.

Positive side = cash flow.

Shadow side = low to no cash flow.

Combining this info from the Akashic Records with business coaching and strategy is a powerful force that creates momentum and energy that will freely flow.

I have a decade of experience running my own in-person businesses, have been online as an entrepreneur for over 2 years, have coached women into 10k months, up leveling their income, and creating businesses that they are excited to promote.