At the beginning of September 2017, my current Facebook group Angelic Business Ascension will be closing and I will be fully merging over to my new Facebook Group Infinitely Empowered.

We’ve got a lot going on right now, including a new program launch, and if you are connected through my FB Biz Page or Personal Page, you should already receive updates through my videos and posts.

If you are feeling stuck or stagnant in your business, not hitting the income up-levels, or attracting the ideal clients don’t blame being stuck on the external world. YOU are the powerful creator of your life – reality – business – situation and if you are feeling discouraged, bitter, disappointed, frustrated, or dissatisfied with your business it’s time to make a change. Changing your frequency, your vibrational alignment, and your determination to reach your dreams and desires is the ONLY way to get there and it’s going to take work… yes, work!

The spiritual world can be a trap if you let it.

You tell yourself that your choices and circumstances are being governed by your Spirit Guides, that the communication mistake you made is the fault of Mercury Retrograde. Or, when you went to make a payment and your credit card didn’t run you told yourself “maybe this is a sign, the Universe is telling me not to take this action.”

Here’s the thing… none of the above can be true because YOU are the powerful creator of your experience. Your Spirit Guides can’t make decisions for you. Mercury doesn’t press “send” and the Universe won’t cancel your credit card. All of these resulting experiences result from YOUR action.

If you aren’t earning the money that you’d like to be making or working with the clients that you’d like to be working with, it’s not the Universe’s fault. Take responsibility for your actions, because when you do, you will empower yourself to step into the vibration of your dreams and own it as the powerful creator that you are.

Reflect on where in your life you are giving your power away to an invisible force rather than taking the ownership you are worthy of.

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