Dear Divine One, This post contains a Bonus Healing Ritual to Release Disempowerment and Victimization, so please read through to the end.

As I write this piece of content, we are still in the full moon window of the March 12, 2017 full moon. For the last 20 months, I have done some type of monthly full moon releasing ritual. In the beginning, I often energetically released during my sound healing meditations, done personally for myself or groups at local yoga studios, wellness centers, spirit shops, or online.

When I changed the focus and direction of my business to a one-on-one coaching model, my monthly full-moon rituals also changed. Sometimes I would write intentions and burn them, sometimes enter deep prayer and meditation, and sometimes I would set a simple intention, it all depended on where my focus was at the moment.

As my rituals evolved, the energy of what I wanted to release also began to change. In the early sound healing days, I am sure that I desired to get my health and body back into alignment. In the early days of my coaching business, I know that I was asking to release financial blocks and business blocks to my ideal clients and success.

Once I reached a point where all of the above-mentioned requests came to fruition, I began focusing on bigger energy releases, the types of releases that are very subtle yet bring massive change. For this month’s full-moon release, I was guided to work through my monthly full moon ritual and bring my community with me on the journey.

I begin with some reflection, looking at what I am being taught in the now moment.

This morning I woke up to a message from someone who was feeling frustrated. I could tell that there was a pattern of victimization coming through, as well as some projection onto me for changes that were not manifesting in her life. As humans, it is very easy to place the judgment and blame for what is not going right in our lives onto other people. I have done this countless times and could probably have some certification in it. I can spot this disempowerment very quickly because I have done it so much myself.

I reached a point in September of 2016 that the victimization had gotten to the point that I was done. After doing a deep healing on myself and going into my Akashic Records to clear the root cause of the victimization I was feeling (It was heavy. In my Record I discovered that it was connected to medieval religious persecution and self-torture) and within six weeks I started to feel the blockages clearing.

As the blockages cleared, I started to see that I was disempowering myself with every single coach I had been working with. In some way, I was falling into the victim role. Sometimes when we are doing deep clearing work, the misalignments become extremely exacerbated to help us wake-up to our Soul’s true nature. My Soul was polarizing me, to show my human self how I was going against my true nature.

Through this journey of inner discovery I concur that disempowerment and victimization are closely linked, and therefore they are also connected to energetic imbalances in the root and crown chakras. Because I attract so many women who are naturally powerful leaders like myself, this victimization piece is constantly bringing them down because they feel that their choices are going against them and that the world is also going against them.

As I reached the point that I was finished disempowering myself with coaches, the disempowerment started showing up in my marketing. Sometimes I could spot it, and sometimes not. For this full moon my Soul guided me to say “How will your messaging be impacted, or your life for that matter, when you fully release disempowerment and victimization?”

As I reflect on the question that my Soul has purposed, I look deeply within and see pure radiant light flowing through my marketing. I see my ideal client feeling loved, held and relieved as she sees the words of someone who relates to her at her deepest levels. I see the inner dialogue that I engage with being fuelled by even more Soul power, Divine guidance, Angelic support, and self-love! It feels, light, bright, and amazing as my frequency is uplifted to a new level.

(Breathe deeply and tune-in to your inner Divine Source connection located in your lower abdomen, feeling strong and grounded in the now, present moment.)

Divine Creator,

I now release any and all need for disempowerment and personal victimization related to present life experiences from infancy, childhood, teenage years, and adulthood. I now release any and all need for disempowerment and personal victimization related to past life choices that I am not consciously aware of.

I now align my root and crown chakras to reflect this deep release and healing. I ask that all blocks and restrictions in these chakras, related to disempowerment and personal victimization, be filled with diamond white light from Divine Source and all channels where these beliefs were held be illumined with rainbow rays of light and illumined with peaceful harmonic frequencies. All channels where these beliefs were held are now closed as I now align to my Divine potential as an empowered, Divinely guided being in this moment and all future lifetimes.

And So It Is.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you for joining me on this healing journey today. If you are looking for a connection, healing, empowerment, and guidance on your personal and business journey feel free to reach out at

With Love,