Lately a lot of women have been asking me how they can commune with their spirituality, to explore, go deeper and find out more about themselves.

With this post I will explore a common energetic statement that is present on the planet and how this statement is holding you back from your Divinity.

Because I am Psychic, I spend a lot of time reading energy that is present on the planet. I also read the energetic actions of others, it is what I do and how I am designed.

There is a lot of fear that comes up for a woman when it comes to bringing her unique spiritual gifts into her 3D embodiment. I hear a lot about relationships, that others don’t understand, others are so logical, or don’t get it.

If you have something that is inside of you, that is longing to be expressed, that is longing to be explored, do you think that it is going to fade away? Do you think it is going to disappear?

It will only disappear if you stuff it away. The majority try do so.

One common symptom is Self neglect, it may appear much easier to feel anger toward yourself by stuffing away your truth in some way. Overeating, leads to Self-abuse. Addictions, lead to Self-abuse. Harsh judgement, leads to Self-abuse. The voice of anger towards Self becomes more powerful than the voice of Divinity shining through.

The first step to embracing your inner Truth as allowing yourSelf to be. Acknowledge your inner desires, recognize them, begin to recognize patterns and explore them.

When you explore your Divinity, you pave the way for others to do the same. You create a pathway of light for others to connect with. There is nothing to fear or be afraid of.

Just like there a different perceptions of people and situations, there are different perceptions of Divine Grace. The common thread is that It is within you, it is all around you, it is you. Divine Grace is within all of us.

Your Soul and Source are not objects, they are pure energy. While logic will attempt to explain them away the true embodiment must be felt and experienced first, in order to give proper explanation.

When you step into your gifts you pave the way for everyone all around you to intuitively connect with their own and it is a beautiful experience, to help others in this deep and meaningful way.

If you need any help with embracing your Divinity and shifting into your next level of inner connection, comment below and let me know and we will setup a virtual coffee chat.